New Skin Care Routine

I am finally at liberty to talk to all of you about the skin care I have been using for the past several months!!!!! I wanted to give an honest and thorough review so I made sure to use it for a good long while. The best news? It's completely toxin FREE!!!!!!!! That's ma fav part about it ;D.

If you want to get some for your very own go to skincarebycolorconnection.com
You can buy them individually or in sets. They make the best stocking stuffers for yourself or family members. Especially great for teenagers!!! Merry Christmas!!!


nargyle said...

I love that it is natural! I've been looking for something like that. I did have a question. Does it have any sort of sun protection?

Jen said...

It does not only because sunscreens are chemical based. She is coming out with a makeup line where the foundation has SPF. That would not be completely toxin free though. The skin care line is amazing!!!!