Curl That Hair

I filmed this a little while back. When school was still in session and it was cold. Now just entering July and there are a few disclaimers. I've been doing this style so much more now (because of the ease) and I've switched the iron I use and my hair is shorter. It's so much easier to manage now and I can't wait to film another tutorial on an even EASIER way to do this. But I still love this look and wanted to put this pout there =). Hope you enjoy hair from the perspective of someone that is terrible at it =D.

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stephanie itri said...

Hey Jen, been wanting to check out this tutorial for awhile as I have serious hair envy! I too have an old curling iron from when I was 16 and it looks about the same diameter as the one here. In your description you say you use a different iron now, wondered what it is and what do you like about it. Thanks!