SOOOOOOO Perfect!!!!!

Wow, have I taken a LOT of time off blogging!!! Can I tell you how glorious it has been though? And yet, every time I pass my computer, the studio or put on makeup....I....feel....guilt! I feel this anxiousness in my stomach that I should be doing something I am not. I don't love that, at all. Do you ever feel that way? A pressing obligation? A sense that you owe someone something and you are falling short? Thaaaaaaat's how I've been feeling ladies! I don't want to feel that way anymore but when I "go away" I feel like I lose half my audience. Am I in this for numbers? Heck no! I had something I was passionate about and I wanted to share....but I will let you in on a little secret (not so secret for those that know me personally). I rely pretty heavily on social interaction. On serving others, on having fun outings with my friends, having everyone I love in the same room having a great time (scenes coming shortly from a Jane Austen party I threw). I short, I LOVE hearing from you. I love the emails I get, the notes, the comments, the feedback! I obviously don't get that if I'm not blogging so it really is a catch 22. If I want to hear from you, I blog. If I don't want to "lose" you, I feel I must blog often. I think I may have come up with a solution....it's actually been staring me in the face LOL. To come up with something, then make a video, then edit and publish it, it takes a great deal of time and effort. I sometimes put it off because I know how long it will take. Sitting down at the computer and just typing out feeling and fun adventures I've been having with family and friends? Not as daunting and SO worth the time LOL! So expect to see more of that...........................................
So glad I got that off my chest because I am SO excited to tell you about something that just happened!!!!! Yes, I threw a Jane Austen party and had a staggering 57 women in my small home but it was AWESOME!!!! But that is NOT what we are talking about HA! When I have more of the dazzling photos from my wonderful photographer, I will share. THIS post is dedicated to my sweet husband. For three MONTHS he had been planning this without me knowing. Three MONTHS figuring out what we would do for our ten year anniversary. *ALERT* I must say this before I keep going and it sounds braggy (but there will be some bragging because he is AWESOME!). Kev, a few years ago, forgot about doing anything for my birthday (March 8th) our anniversary (May 7th) and Mother's Day (soooo close to the anniversary). Now before you think me selfish and vain, I didn't expect lavish presents or a day devoted to worshipping me. My olive language is FAR from getting presents, I am a service gal. I love to give it and am very grateful if I get it. What I was expecting was that he would help the boys remember to draw me my special cards filled with color crayons and probably action figure drawings. I look forward to those every year. I wanted them to sing in the funny way and let me know that they loved me. That's it....dinner would have been accepted as well LOL. But NOTHING!!!! Not even a mention, except when we got to church and they had the mother's stand, he realized he had missed a few things. I cried, but I was lucky enough that he was very sweet about it and let me cry in his arms. You moms know how it is to sometimes feel unappreciated yes? So every year after that, our anniversaries have been amazing!!!! He has totally taken it upon himself to plan them (I always say to him I feel like a shuck for not helping). He makes me an itinerary of the day, sometimes two, for what we'll be doing. It includes the house getting cleaned, shopping, hair done (he knows I'm hopeless lol), dinner for us, movie etc. Here's the one he gave me this year:
He had been telling me that this one was a special surprise because it was our ten year. I was nervous but excited! So watch as this itinerary gets turned up side down! Please don't mind the no makeup getting out of bed look ; ).
On the plane about to head out
I spyyyy with myyyy little eye!!!
Saw good ole Tom's tile while standing in line =).
 And we are IN!!!! We first went to the Haunted Mansion. It had been YEARS for me seeing it not in Holiday form and Kev hadn't seen it since he was a little boy. It was AWESOME to see all of the original grim grinning ghosts coming out to socialize ;D. Kev was a little scared but he made it! Then we had to take the picture outside the mansion that we did on our first date....awwwwwww LOL!
Kev loves shooting the guns and I was veeeeery pleased to be invited to said "gun show" LOL!
Standing in the ridiculous line to see some princesses. We are crossing our fingers that our fav Snow White is in there.
HOLD the phone!!!! THIS is what he was waiting to do?????
 After listening to a charming story about Peter Pan, lost boys and pirates, we were chosen to ring the ship bell. They said the power of our love would turn on the lights (it totally did lol). I am also now completely obsessed with turning the boys' playroom into a pirate ship cabin!!!! (pics coming soon)
We were STOKED to realize some of our good friends were at Disneyland as well!!! We lived with Daniel in Siberia and by their family We had to meet up with them and play with their cute kids. They even let us steal the two youngest so we could bond while they went on some bigger rides. 
 These kids are DARLING!!!!!! We had so much fun with them =). It was so nice to have little ones to have a reason to skip through the main streets and have fun on the little rides.
More rides, laughter, sitting down and people watching, photo opts, yummy food. It was perfect!!!
I ALWAYS wanted to be the rebel spy!!! Just knowing I may have information to save the rebellion was thrilling lol. Not wanting to spend a small fortune on the shirt, I opted for a photo with it ;D.
We have NEVER had a Dole Whip before and were told it was an absolute MUST!!! Just think, 34+ years of going and I never tried this tasty treat! It was most refreshing!
My dad and boys die over this tasty lil Disney sucker but we decided to save them the calories and just send them a pic. We got them even BETTER gifts!!!
Kev had me pose with this...I wasn't sure why but I wanted to make it as cute as I could ha! Then he said I was still his cute ball and chain....romantic feeling gone! LOL!!!!! And yes, I am wearing my Disney "Happy Anniversary" pin with pride!!!
So sad to say that the Blue Bayou was not my fav this trip. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so blasted expensive....but then they brought THIS out for our anniversary and TOTALLY redeemed themselves! It was so super scrumptious! The best Mickey Mousse ever...they totally need to call it that btw.
When we were done in California Adventure after the second day, I was soooo sad that we didn't "end" in Disneyland. That, to me, is where I grew up, where we went as a family once if not twice a year growing up. Where the magic is. I went to the ticket counter to see what we could do. The woman saw it was our ten year anniversary (most people guessed two lol), typed on her little computer and handed us two FREE park hopper passes with a Disney gift card. She smiled, "Happy Anniversary you two."  Yes INDEED!!!!!! We went back to Diz the next day before our driver came to get us for the airport. I am SO glad we asked and that we could breath in our beloved Diz one more time.
Loaded up on the plane, taxiing out to take off all of a sudden we stop. The pilot gets on and says the whole airport is closed due to Airforce One needing to land. wait....what?!?!?
Home again, home again, jig a jig jig. The boys have been helping me in the kitchen lately as I have been teaching them to cook simple recipes. They always want to wear an apron and have said on quite a few occasions how coooool it would be to have a chef hat like Mr. Peabody. When I saw these in the shop at Pooh Corner I KNEW that is what their gift would be. They were so excited and it made us so happy!!! I love this little family of mine and I am SO grateful for such a great hubby that knows my heart, keeps it safe and treats me and these boys so well. I hope they will never doubt how much I love them!!!!!
Wheeeeen you wish upon a staaaaaaarrr.............


Anjie Behunin said...

Awww! You made me cry too! What a lucky, lucky girl to have a guy like that. Happy Anniversary!

Unknown said...

Oh, so heartwarming story!.. you guys are so lucky to have each other! :) Happy Anniversary!!

Unknown said...

This is sooooo wonderful! You made me cry too! Happy anniversary, thank you so much for sharing!