Lily Collins Look

I THINK SHE IS STUNNING!!!!! Yes, I was just shouting...but can you blame me? Now I see collections come and go. I'm not one to run out and buy every single one like most beauty bloggers. Would I love to review them? Well sure! but when does the madness stop? Do I really want to spend all of my money on makeup when I already have a ton of it (and most of the colors that come out I have a duplicate for)? Not really. This launch made me sit up and take notice though and I will be matching everything I have to see what can be used in place of then getting the REST if I don't have it. Maybe I'm just loooonging for Spring (I am btw) or maybe it's time for me to start makeup shopping again. It wouldn't be too out of line, I mean, I AM a beauty blogger. It's what I do! =) What cosmetics collection made YOU run out the door to get it?


Jessi said...

Oh I just LOVE her!! She looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn too! Shes definitely a stunner! And your re-creation is perfect! SO gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed this post!! I am a beauty enthusiast as well! :)
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