Merry Christmas!!!

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heeeaaaarrrrrt!!!!! =D It's Christmas Eve. Can you feel it? Can you tell something special is coming? I remember as a kid, this night held such magic. We would not only read T'was the Night Before Christmas but we would read the even more wonderful story in Luke about our Savior being born in a manger in Bethlehem. We would sit by the lit Christmas tree with all other lights in the house off and feel the words my dad read. We knew they were true. I still do =). It was such a good transition to a peaceful sleep......but how could one SLEEP??? 

Enjoying yummy treats at Grandma & Grandpa's

I was the only girl with three brothers so I always had my own room. I would sneak down the hall to where they were and we would stay awake all night playing games and guessing at what we would find in the morning. My parents always tacked up a sheet to hide our view if we ever walked past the hallway leading to the glowing Christmas tree. We would have Captain Crunch Berries EVERY year, my brothers chugged Egg Nog like it was going out of style while I sat in the corner gagging at the sight (I may have just gagged thinking of the smell). We would wake up and head down the street to Grandma & Grandpa's for Christmas breakfast. I can hear the plates chinking, the smell of the bacon, their hugs, her glass Christmas tree candy jar filled with sweets all stuck together. Oh MEMORIES!!! Do we love traditions because they are so familiar? Because most of them are only practiced once a year so they are special? Because people we love teach us them? I think it is a sprinkling of all the above and I LoVe them!!!

Kev and I have been married for almost 10 years and haven't lived by family for most of that time. We have loved coming up with our own little family traditions but have also brought our own from our separate families into the mix and have just loved the holidays that much more. This year we have been able to help others in ways we have always wanted to and are finally in a position to do so. We told our kids the plan of only one present from Mom and Dad, one from Santa and whatever grandparents or other family members might send. What we would have spent on Christmas has been split up between the Sub For Santa program, people in the neighborhood, acts of service (giving of our time), the United Way, food drives at school and helping lift others spirits in any way we can. The underneath of our tree may be bare but our hearts are SO full and I am SO proud of my boys (seeing as how they are younger) for being so great and excited about our Christmas this year. 

My oldest (above) and I lay awake talking about Christmas and how it's a little different this year. "Mom" he said, "Do you know what I like best about this Christmas?" "What Love?" "I loved taking those presents to all those families that wouldn't have had a good Christmas. When they smiled and saw the bags we brought, that was my favorite present. I want to keep making people smile. Are we doing this again next year?" {insert heart MELTING right then!!!} "Yes, Kayson. We will do this as long as we have the means, and even when we don't, we can always give our time and talents to those that need us."
Speaking of talents.....lol.....bet ya didn't think I could ROCK Mrs. Claus for our local high school did ya? Well, you'd be wrong!!! HA!

Is that not one of the funniest things ever? I know I would have to do a double take every time I passed the mirror =D. It was so much fun to read to little kids and pretend I was married to a waaaaaay older man with a lot of power ; D. I used a lot of Ben Nye makeup for this look and the NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk for my hairline and brows. This year held a lot of parties for our family too. One was Kev's work party up in Salt Lake at Little America. I loooooove when the invite says formal & you can take it up a notch!

I opted for this bad boy from BeBe and did a deep red wine lip. Head didn't seem complete without a loud obnoxious bow so I added one last minute and pearls from H&M.

I hope you have the merriest of Merry Christmases and are able to feel peace, love and joy this season. And if you have any room left over, try a bold lip with gorgeous lashes to top everything off =). Love you all!!!
P.S. Our family pictures were taken by the lovely Sara Simpson and I HIGHLY recommend her for your photos! She travels and is SO good with kids I can't even tell you!!! Let me know if anyone would be interested in a giveaway from her!!!


Dara Lynn said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Jen said...

Thanks Dara Lynn!!! =D