Wizard Of Oz Tin Man

I aDORE the wizard Of Oz! I am an old soul to begin with so I love the charm and memory that old movies and old movie stars evoke. I watched every musical I could growing up and had a fascination with the stories that were "behind the scenes". My dad and his brothers are all movie buffs and I would LOVE sitting and listening to them tell stories about the interesting, little known facts about all the movie stars that I dreamed of being and the movies I would have died to be in. I used to get up and tap with Gene, twirl with Ginger, slink around with Cyd and bop with Ann Miller. I just loved them all! I crave the fashions from back then, I want singing and dancing in movies to come back to poularity (no I don't mean like High School Musical or remakes of classics). I mean all kids are put in dance and voice lessons if they want to get into the business =D. I digress....were any of you TOTALLY and completely freaked out by Margaret Hamilton as the wicked witch????? I was TERRIFIED of her and would hide behind the t.v. every time she came on. LOL even now when me and the boys watch it I get the chills when she came on {shudder}. Not withstanding the Springer family has decided to be all things Oz this year for Halloween and I could NOT be more excited!!!!!!! I can just see it in my mind and I really hope I haven't built it up too much in my mind. I am literally giddy about being Dorothy. My sweet mama was her years ago and made the costume I get to wear. That alone makes my heart melt a little =). I've ordered the boys costumes online this year instead of piecing them together. Older boy will be the tin man and the younger wants to be the scarecrow. That leaves the cowardly lion for the hubs (he's sooooo enthused about the idea...insert all my sarcasm there!). But he will do it cuz he loves me and doesn't want to break my heart =D. I am trying to get his costume done but I can't find ANYthing!!!! He said he would totally wear the lion head piece that Luna Lovegood wore in Harry Potter but how can I find THAT???? I've Googled it but I'm not spending that kind of money = /. I would like to do all of the characters form the Wizard Of Oz so here is the first. The Tin Man!!!! I do two separate chins so pick your fave (you could say this tutorial comes with a double chin ha!). I know bad joke, but enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!

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