Wizard Of Oz the Scarecrow

I am SO excited to do the Wizard Of Oz this year for Halloween. It is just so perfect that I have two boys, a hubby, then ME ; D lol. I am wanting to do all of the looks this year so here is the second in my series. The Scarecrow. I am super pleased with this look (seeing as I had from start to clean up 45 min to be at my son's school!). Had I had more time, I would have for SURE done some highlighting with white or cream around the dark lines that I made. I also think that I would have cut smaller squares of burlap and overlapped them to make a diamond shaped pattern on my cheeks. Other than that, I loved it =). Doing the Cowardly Lion as we speak....I mean, the kiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnng Ha!

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