Summer Memories

What does summer look like to you? What does it smell like? Taste like? Sound like? Early summers for me were spent in California where almost everyone had a pool in the backyard and if you didn't, your neighbor did. Putting poolrings on our ankles and pretending to be mermaids. Diving, jumping, holding my breath, staying in the pool as long and as late as we could. It was carefree and smelled of suntan lotion. It was hot concrete and cool water. It was popsicles and the ice cream truck, flip flops and sandals, tan skin and rollerskating to loud music on our CD player (or tape player if we're going way back!).
As years progress (which they always do even though we want time to stand still) memories of summer shifted slightly. Boys were introduced into the mix, freedom was explored, the beach became our "pool" and the nighttime was for play. BBQs on the beach, moonlight walks in the surf, crushes that made your heart heavy and friends that will last a lifetime. Road trips, tanning, magazines, music, dates,  movies, amazing food. It was also about this time (largely thanks to the magazines) that I became very aware of my body and how I didn't look the same as my friends. No longer was I carefree in my bathing suit like they still were. I started wearing shorts or something ANYthing wrapped around my waist. I would get to the edge of the pool and take off my covering just before I got in. I would be so envious of not only the girls I felt had perfect bodies, but of those that were maybe a touch heavier than me but just didn't CARE!!! I didn't think for a second that my eating habits had too much to do with this, it was more that I probably wasn't exercising like I should. I ate what my mom made and assumed it was good for me and didn't question it.

Moving along in our timeline and we get to college years and a bit after. The beach was still my home and the tanner I was the thinner I felt. I worked out occasionally but my summers mostly consisted of parties, drinking and dancing. I had moved out and was exploring more freedom. I lived off of cheap fast food and time with my friends. Summer's were a blur but still left imprints that I still feel today. I danced a bit for MTV and figured that was enough physical activity for me and continued poor eating habits but BOY was summer yummy!!! =) The body that I had "made" for myself I felt couldn't be changed (put aside the fact that I never tried) and that I should just get used to it.
In the year 2001 I left to live in Siberia for a year and a half and my summer there was unforgettable. I had stopped drinking (wow calories), mended my relationship with my Father in heaven and took off for a mission of service. There isn't a lot of processed things over in cities like Omsk & Tomsk so coupled with more clean eating and walking everywhere I lost soooooo much weight! I helped people plant their gardens, till their soil, taught them to dance, do makeup, how to pray. It was a remarkable experience and I made friends to last a lifetime. It was the first summer that I was pasty white (HA!) and didn't care about missing the beach. I felt confident in what I was doing and found myself.
I came home, got married, had children and bit by bit gained back and then some all of the weight I had lost in Russia but felt I could hide behind the attitude of "I'm a mom and it's okay to have a roll or two....or eight." Now DON'T get me wrong! Our bodies go through a lot to have children and I appreciate the "battle scars" I have earned because my sweet children are worth every one. What I was NOT acknowledging was that it wasn't okay to be super unhealthy and teach my boys that lifestyle. I wanted to teach them from a young age that being healthy is beautiful. Think about it. Whatever weight I am at, if I am strong, I am toned and have nothing to fear come summer time aka bathing suit time. I can be like the girls I envied and just not care because I take care of myself. 
Since starting Revolt I have found a peace in knowing that I control my body and what goes into it. I can look in the mirror and like what I see. I can change bad habits and replace them with good ones. Better yet I can replace good habits with the BEST ones. I have more energy for this summer that is coming up. I will run around with my kids at Seven Peaks (yay water parks) feeling confident, lighter and more like that carefree kid I used to be. I am stronger now. I eat healthy foods but don't restrict myself (yay cheat Saturdays!). I love what I am becoming and am actually happy that it's slowly progressing so I know it's not a fad and I will gain it all back, but it's a lifestyle change and I LOVE it!!! 
Nichole Huntsman before & after
Ladies, if you want to take back something you have lost, if you are wanting to become stronger and leaner and walk out into the sun then make the step now! The next "uprising" for the Revolt program starts tomorrow!!! Join a slew of people (not just women) who are learning how to get cut abs, arms and legs. Who are taking a stand against the, let's be honest, not even real food they sell in grocery stores (ps VERY excited to have a garden this year!). Detox for everyone starts tomorrow and then you have weeks upon weeks of great meals and exercise videos you can do in your own home! If you want more information you can email me and ask anything you want or go to revoltnowfitness.com to see what it's all about. For anyone in the Utah area I will be taking a group down to the Bodpod to get accurate numbers for body fat and weight. I am so excited for this summer. No wraps around the waist for me THIS year! What about you??? 
Welcome summer!!!


Shaila said...

$10 for monthly access? Might actually be worth it. Is the Bodpod Hon. in the Utah county area? If so.. I'm interested.

Bree said...

Jen-another random comment from me...I just keep thinking about you with your healthy journey and would love to tell you about how I switched to safer, non-toxic, amazing products for our home (cleaners, beauty products, etc). What you have around your body and put on your body is right up there in importance for what you put IN your body so I thought you might be interested. :) I wrote about it on our family blog last year...the articles alone are enough to make you re-think what's in your cupboards! ;) http://jambreefam.blogspot.com/2012/06/home-green-home.html
Would love to chat about it if you're interested!! (And I don't sell the products, I just love educating families about something better/healthier!! :))

Jen said...

Bree thank you for your comment! Yes I am super interested in clean and safe products for your home. We worked at Melaleuca for 5 years corporately and loved it. Now we use the Norwex rags which eliminate most cleaners all together. I'm excited to read your blog post! =D

Bree said...

Jen! So happy I checked back. I had a feeling you and Kevin might have worked for Melaleuca with your Russian skills. :) That is what we use! I have been so happy with all of the cleaning products, but so happy that there are SO many other products too--body wash, lotion, toothpaste, dishwasher soap, hand soap--I'm sure you're familiar. ;) They also have amazing new fitness products you might be interested in, an Omega-3 "smoothie"...I could go on! And I love the Member Benefits which I'm sure you already know about - Loyalty Shopping Dollars, Melaleuca Marketplace (get paid for shopping online--woo hoo!!) I know I sound like a sales person, but I just love the company philosophy and being able to rely on their products for a safer, healthier alternative to everyday products. And getting more out of your shopping than just forking over money to a retailer when you won't see a dime of it again. Well, I've gone on long enough, as you can see I love to talk about it! haha! Have a great week and feel free to email if you want to chat more. :) bree927 at yahoo.