Beautiful Hair = No Poo???

Have you joined the "no poo" craze? I myself had several reservations based solely on the NAME!!! I mean really? We couldn't come up with anything better than THAT??? What is it you ask? I haven't told you yet? Okay so it's basically not using shampoo (hence the awful phrase "no poo").  I explain in this video my journey to sheer desperation in even considering saying goodbye to shampoo. I do feel that all the years of using shampoos full of chemicals and harmful toxins have aided in the downfall of my scalp and I was hoping this would help. So far so good, but I'm still a newbie. Watch this video to learn more, visit this site and see what you think! Will you join this even if you don't have a huge "why" like me? What are your thoughts? And PLEASE rename it for crying out loud!!!!!P.s. DyInG over Taylor's flower headband here. It is my firm belief that a big obnoxious bow balances ones head out and should be worn on a daily basis.....just sayin.


Andrea said...

You should try wen, if you've heard of the make up blogger Maskara she uses it and raved about it. I haven't tried it personally but I think she has pretty hair :)
I think your hair feels oilier because it's getting used to not being stripped. Normally when you use shampoo and you strip the oils out of your hair it has to compensate by producing more oils. Eventually your hair will learn that it doesn't need to produce that much oil and you shouldn't feel as greasy. I went from washing my hair every other day in high school to washing it once a week at most now, I'm 26, and it doesn't even get oily anymore.
Also, this is just an interesting Random fact. My cousin had a fairly severe psoriasis for most her life and quit eating gluten and it cleared up one hundred percent. It's weird how food can have such strange effects on our body! I'm not saying you should quit gluten. It's just an interesting fact

Unknown said...

Devacurl also makes a cleanser called no poo plus they have one called low poo. I'm a curly girl, so I swear by the no poo method.

Becky said...

I always thought the 'no poo' is when you use conditioners rather than shampoo.. I thought the baking soda/vinegar was more of just a treatment.

I've used Wen (and they call it a cleansing conditioner or something) and liked it but you are supposed to use a lot of product which makes it more expensive.. But my hair is pretty oily by day 3 in my bang area so maybe I didn't give it long enough. Sally's has another brand that is the same type of product. You use enough that when you brush with a wide tooth comb in the shower, you can see the product on the comb. You concentrate on the scalp and let it sit.. Then rinse.. Then can apply a bit more for additional conditioner. If you want wen, I would watch qvc online for specials.

On beauty forums, I have read that those that just wash with conditioners will do a clarifying shampoo every week or two to help get rid of any buildup.

Jolyn said...

I am a WEN girl..I started using it in october of 2012..I love it..love how it makes my drier type hair more soft and sleek without using flat iron or hot curlers...keeps freezes away..I use the whole thing mouse styling cream oils and of course cleansing conditioner..NO SHAMPOOING....I get it through QVC and watch for specials...I hope you find what your looking for....You do your make-up fabulous...<3

Jen said...

I love all of these comments! I am excited to enter this world and to have others that can give me advice and ideas. You ladies are the best!!! =)

Sarah Bonn said...

I don't have the same complexion type as you do, so my experience with, um, let's say 'chemical-free hair washing', is different. However, with the baking soda method I would suggest using apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar. You can add some essential oils for their soothing properties to see if that helps your scalp. And give it a bit more time, probably 10 washes total, to determine how it really affects your hair.
As far as Wen and competitors, it's really just regular chemical conditioner with some essential oils & extracts. If you look at the ingredients you'll also see many similarities to shampoo. This is because conditioners need to remove your natural hair oils in order to deposit their chemical ones. These specialty "not shampoo" brands are probably more akin to 2-in-1 shampoo/ conditioners, but perhaps a little less of the stripping agents. I'm not saying the product isn't effective for certain hair types. But I fell for the ads and thought it was a chemical free way of washing my hair. It didn't work well for me, but again, I have different complexion from you.

Kitty said...

A) Apple cider vinegar is better than white vinegar for the no 'poo. They're very different pH-wise.

B) This can take 8 weeks before your hair stops overproducing oil

C) Try the castile soap + coconut milk shampoo replacement (Google CrunchyBetty Sorta 'Poo). Lathers up like shampoo but the castile soap is more natural (no animal fats) and can be used around the house. Coconut milk adds the bubbles. Hand made coconut milk is better than store bought, but store bought is better without guar gum if you you're gonna buy it.