What a WONDERFUL Week And a Giveaway!!!

Mother's Day (ish) Post since we are getting close to the big day! Hope you don't mind this is more on the personal side of my life...
As you guys know...since I told you {giggle}...my mom was in town this last week and I couldn't have been MORE excited!!! I talk to her on a weekly basis, if not daily sometimes but we haven't lived in the same state my whole married life and I don't get back to Cali as much as I would love. Well this past week we went to a women's conference that was just PaCkEd full of fun, uplifting thoughts and good ole service (one of my most favorite things!). I was so glad that I could share it with her and now I want to share some highlights with YOU of the trip! Yeah, get ready for a SLEW of photos!!!
When I picked her up at the airport in Salt Lake I whisked her over to the lavish Grand America Hotel for tea. We were struck by how beautiful the hotel was and how we felt the need to speak in English accents upon entering the lounge. We refrained and were escorted to our seats for our scheduled afternoon tea. Due to religion we don't drink most teas but there were MANY wonderful ones that were within standard =). We both decided Very Berry would be our drink of choice and sat waiting, admiring the view and the table itself.
Our server came and asked for our orders and explained that the wine glass in the middle was our centerpiece. That the little ball that was at the bottom would slowly transform as we sat and ate. It was so cool to see it "grow" into something so unusual and pretty =). 
Our yummy scones were paired with clotted cream (SO yummy and ALL kinds of fattening), lemon jelly and raspberry jam. Then there were an assortment of sandwiches including: salmon, egg, crab, cucumber, and olive.
Here's Mamma giving me her best Downton Abbey face LOL.

So elegant....but I forgot to put up my pinky ; ).
About the time we finished with our food we started to sit up straighter to give our tummies more room and to relax a bit. I knew that maybe my eyes had been a bit bigger than my stomach but I just LOVE good food and can't see anything left to waste. We were commenting to each other how perfect everything was and how we were very satisfied and even going to leave early! I run a tight ship and surprising the boys at their school was next on the list. To our utter shock and horror, our server comes and so sweetly says,"I'm so sorry dessert is taking so long but it should be out shortly."
Insert me and my mom looking at each other with eyes as wide as dinner plates. I think polite oh yes, thank yous were offered but as soon as she left we burst out laughing and tears came streaming down as we imagined even one more bite. Oh how I love my mom. We are the same and we were both in fits of terribly contained giggles as the dessert tray came out loaded with gems of goodness. Needless to say we boxed them up for Kevin and the boys and rolled ourselves out of there. Here are a few of the treats. They also had assorted cakes, jellies and marshmallow creams. Just heavenly!
After we picked up the boys from school, went out to see the progress on the new home and packed me up we were off to Provo to go to the conference. The men in my life dropped us off at the dorms (we were going collegiate) and we were officially without children and husbands! There was something called instant choir that got up at the ugly side of dawn to practice then perform the very first morning of Women's Conference. My mom and I, being eager, of course signed up so we had a quick dinner then straight to bed. The ugly side of dawn did indeed rear it's head early! We were up and walking to the large conference center before being fully awake. We got settled in our seats and then became the poster children for the altos =). Look at that cute lil worker bee.
Classes were great fun and I took SO many notes!!! Mostly on how to be a better mommy and wife to my darlings. The FOOD is what did us in and we were happy to be "done" LOL. It was buffet style every night where we would divide and conquer, bring back the spoils and share everything mmmmmmmmm...

Then came the concert where we heard many artists (my FAV being Hilary Weeks, below, who also hosted) and where we heard some inspiring stories from many different people in many different situations being the best women they can be.
One woman from Christchurch, NZ came to speak about all the earthquakes they have been having and how they, as members of our faith, are spreading relief and aid to all those around them. These two gals I got to meet while I was doing makeup for the 50's photo shoot I told you about (post coming soon). They were hiLARIOUS and ended up being one of the groups featured at the concert. SO fun =D. Their blog sistasinzion is quite fantastic!
After two days of wonderfulness and SO much food we were again picked up by my hubby and two boys who had a rose for both me and their grandma (aww!). We hit my son's soccer game, played board games, made dinner together, she met my friends and we just had a great time. Here she is with Mr. B playing Guess Who against K-Diddy = ).
I love you Mom and miss you already! Do you have a super special relationship with your mom? Leave me a comment here and your mom could receive a special Mother's Day gift in the mail. You must be a follower and leave me a comment on why your mom is so special to you. Don't forget to tell her to stop by and see your comment so that she can cry and give you a big hug =D. I'd love to send your mom:

- hand lotion for all the service she does with her hands (B&B Wild Honeysuckle)
- my favorite recipes for all the meals she cooks & probably ate cold (Jambalaya, Cream of Pumpkin Soup!)
- Coconut Lip Butter for all the hurt she has kissed better (the Body Shop) &
- a $25 gift card to a store of her choice
One mom will be lucky enough to win and will be chosen on Wed May 9th at 10pm MST. Please let me know what store you think she would love to shop at and I can send it off before Mother's Day. Good luck to all and I can't WAIT to read your entries!!!


Jamie Harkness said...

My Mama is the very BEST! We became besties while I was in Switzerland on a mission , she was the only one who wrote me faithfully. Now I'm married with a squishy baby and she lives in Vegas, I live in Florida. Even though she's across the country, she has dropped everything and come help me when I need her. I'm #4 of 5 and she does the same for each of us!!

weetziebat said...

My mom is the best for several reasons. First and foremost, she dropped everything and came to Korea for a week when I had my baby while me and my husband were living there with the army. She is also awesome because she has always supported me in everything I have done even if she didn't necessarily approve of it.

Jordan said...

My mom deserves a gift (and a medal) for raising me and my brothers with such grace, even though she will deny she does anything gracefully. She's been there with me for my highest highs and lowest lows. She always tells me what I need to hear, whether or not it's what I want to hear. My mom is also the one who introduced me to tea at the Grand America. It's as perfect as you described, though we like the spiced plum tea. :)

Rebecca Grigg said...

I am so grateful for my Mom and everything she has done and continues to do for all 4 of her kids even though we are all grown and out of the house. She is always encouraging us to do what's right and be the best person we can be. She is our biggest fan and supporter in everything we do. I don't remember her or my Dad ever missing a single game, recital, concert or whatever we were involved in.

Anash said...

Y mom is special because when we were young she was a pusher! she pushed us each day to be better, stronger, nicer, kinder, she never gave up and i suppose knew that theres only one chance to shape us and that was it...her approach was always from loving grace and gentle reminders to dig deep and try harder when it gets toughest
I follow on google connect as "anash"
Thanks for this awesome giveaway
anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

AubreyLaine said...

My mom is the best because she has always been supportive and is always there to talk. She is a strong woman who loves others well!
family74014 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I think I have the best mother in the world! She raised 5 wonderful (slightly rebellious :)) kids, and has a dozen beautiful grandchildren, whom she can't seem to get enough of. However, she doesn't look nearly old enough to even be a grandmother! On top of that she built her own quilt pattern business called Cotton Way, and has been enjoying it's success for almost 21 years! And working her buns of every one of those years. Now she has even designed fabric lines for Moda! She is such a busy woman, and she seems to balance everything in her life with such grace. She's loves her business, but family always came first. She's supported us in all that we do, and always puts others needs before her own, and I think she deserves a little pampering all to herself!

Jonny and Kara said...

My momma is amazing...and I'm a cryer so I'm glad this is via the internet so you don't have to see my ugly crying face. But she truely is one of my best friends (right after the hubs). She has spent so so many years living her life the way that I wish I could. She is truely an amazing person and puts other people before herself, especially her kids. Last month she drove an hour and a half just to come babysit my little guys just so I could get my hair done! Seriously, she is so awesome! She is such a great example for me now that I'm a mother. I'm so grateful that I have a mom that has been such a great example! I love love love her!