Sigma F80 Brush Review

I am so excited that not only did I find Sigma, fell in LOVE with the brushes and bargains, the fact that they became a sponsor here on Classy but now they are ADDING even MORE new products and launching new permanent brushes!!!! It's enough to make any makeup girl *sQuEaL* with delight....sorry to my neighbors ; ). I just got two new brushes in the mail and busted them out just as soon as I could and did a review on one of them. You all know that my MAC 187 bit it BIG time and so I was in the market for a new one. Rather than spend $42 {gag} I hit up my Sigma store and got this F80 bad boy for $16!!!!! Here are my thoughts and me using it for the very first time. I noticed, looking back, that I kept using it over and over and over my face and to be honest, the brush was SO stinkin soft I didn't want to stop LOL!!!!! =)
To know about more Sigma brushes getting rave reviews check this out! I am ALL about word of mouth and when I heard the buzz about these brushes I HAD to share! They took a poll around the Sigma offices and these were the ones the gals gushed about and said they couldn't live without:
  • Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki (F80) – This brush turned out to be the majority of everyone’s go-to foundation brush for its ability to evenly buff on foundation for a clean, flawless finish. Runner up? The F84!
  • Large Powder (F30) – The F30 contains large, dense bristles for application of powder products to set and keep foundation in place all day. Perfect for creating a matte finish on skin! 
  • Large Angled Contour (F40) – The angle of the F40 makes for easy application of blush, bronzer and/or highlighter to enhance and define cheekbones. 
  • Eye Shading (E55) – The E55 was a top pick for its versatility to apply shadow all over lid and to blend out any harsh, jagged lines. 
  • Small Angle (E65) - This brush performs double duty by working to fill in sparse areas of brows but also to apply gel eye liner or powder along the lash line.


Joy said...

Question: I use mineral foundation. I know you aren't a huge fan but I have really loved it for my skin. Anyway I have been using the MAC 182 to apply the foundation but have hated how much the bristles come out all over my face and clothes every single time.
Do you think I could use the Sigma brush you just reviewed to apply powder foundation? I noticed you applied liquid foundation in your review but was curious if it would also work for powder. Plus I am loving the price difference. I would have thought that paying so much for a brush would have gotten me better quality. Thanks!

Anna Banana said...

Just placed my order!! :) And I also noticed 968....almost 1000....how will you celebrate!?!!

Jen said...

I have quite a few mineral foundations and will try that out for you Joy =). I actually have become more of a fan of the all natural foundation and what it can do for your skin.

I am planning SO many things when I reach 1000. I just can't decide what will be more fun. What do YOU guys want to see happen =)?

Anna Banana said...

Also finally placed my order for a Naked Palette today!! Yay!! So EXCITING!!! I think to celebrate 1000 you should come visit me in VA - that sounds like a great celebration :)

Anna Banana said...

I don't know why it says I am "Unknown" ?? This is Anna. :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

nice blog :)
Let`s follow each other sweetie!


Ty said...

I got the Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki brush and I really like the quality. :) I'm not so keen on their other brushes; they've been shedding on me. :/

Unknown said...

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