Winners And MORE Prizes!!!

So we have MANY prizes to giveaway to some lucky readers today =). FIRST we reached 200 in SUCH a short amount of time I am SO beyond giddy!!!! Thank you all for your fantastic support. I would loooooove to giveaway our first "FB goal" prize tooooooo:
 RACHEL!!!!!!! Blogger  
Rachel said...
Hi, Jen!
March 7, 2012 11:58 AM
CONGRATS GIRLY!!!!! Contact me within 48 hours with your contact info and I can send you off your prize. If I don't hear from you within that time frame I'll have to choose another winner so EMAIL me!!! ; D Our SECOND March Madness Prize will be to reach 300. Can we DO it????? I think so =). {insert official announcer voice here} Suggest Classy to a friend today (giggle) ; D. The prize for THAT goal will be these babies:
Our beautiful black scarf is donated to us from the Brittany Rae Boutique. I LOVE me a big scarf and this one is awesome!!! The peel is from our very own Votre Vu gal Marti. It is a complexion renewing fruit acid peel that is said to make your skin feel HEAVENLY!!!! I am so excited to give these away so let's make it to 300 ladies!!! =)

NOW, from my birthday contest we have a TIE!!! Emily M, Sarah G. and Lindsey M you are all winners!!!!!!! Here are the correct answers:
  • 1980 baby!!!!
  • I will accept anything Ben and Jerry's since I have two favs (Cherry Garcia & NY Super Fudge Chunk) mmmm I think I need a Walmart run STAT!!!
  • Russia (oh how I MISS you!!!)
  • Arnold is right! He was a hoot =).
  • California Girl ALL the way!!!
  • Vaca tomorrow would be Disneyland for SURE!!! I magically transform back into a little girl, run around, eat everything I want and giggle with pure delight at every magical turn. The attention to detail in that place is UNmatched, it's sooo clean, it's nostalgic, music plays from everywhere, the cast is the BEST, the shows are magical, the food is great {albeit pricey} OH the list could go on and on and on and on and on and on...you get the picture. Russia would be the second place though =).
Emily, I think you are the only one I don't have contact info for so send me that withing 48 hours chica =). Thanks yto everyone for making my birthday such a special one!!! Love you all =).
{that's really what I'm saying}

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Unknown said...

I liked you on Facebook! I love your tutorials! So motivating for me to go beyond my daily, boring make up!