What Is Your "Go To Do"

Here's my model pose...what do you think dawling? {muah} So this is the "do" I mostly sport. This was me after a job this morning. My hair needs to be dry and not done at ALL. It can be curled I guess but since I rarely take the time it isn't a must. I then flip my head over, gather all my hair in a ponytail holder, flip back and make the highest messiest bun ever.  I get SO many people that ask me if it's all my hair. I'm so confused by that since I don't feel it's really that big but I guess it is {insert shrug}. What do you sport when you just want to get outta the house and want to look somewhat presentable? Send some pics too!

p.s. Don't you love me in my boys lovely' bathroom? If you could see any more of the sink you would see the remnants of sparkly toothpaste. Couldn't edit out those streaks on the mirror though...even if I could, that's just life with kids right? =)

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Farmer's Wife said...

LOVE your hair. mine is very thin and fine and also straight as a board. so mostly i just air dry it and pin some back with a bobby pin. it is long enough to clip up or pony tail if i want it off my neck. i grow it out for a few years and then donate it and get a cute short cut. i am mid way now. loved watching you struggle withthe bun inthe video. that is so me everytime i try to do anything like that!!!! keep it up! i love your blog!