Whitney and Thoughts

 So CrAzY about Whitney right??? I totally grew up with that woman's voice in my home. I remember me and my mom grabbing our microphones and singing to "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and dancing all around. Belting out the Bodyguard soundtrack while rollerskating, yes rollerskating, on our street. Making up dances with the kids I would babysit to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". Seriously LOVE her music, voice, her perfect nose for crying out loud!!! I know that later in her life she had made some decisions that weren't great. Things that we can't look up to, sadly, but what a powerhouse of a woman and I would like to remember her this way. Happy, healthy and full of life. I've been thinking about the topic of idols since her passing. I know, not normal Classy talk but I just want to share this quickly. No matter how amazing someone is, how perfect their lives are, how well they sing, dance, act or how much success and money they have we can not hold them so high that we pattern our lives after them. No one is perfect and eventually they will let you down in some way. Without wanting to of course! No one is perfect other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, I am a church going gal and even though we don't discuss these topics here on the blog I know that you watch me and hopefully follow me because of who I am. He is apart of who I am and the reason for all that I do. I went through a very dark time in my life where I abused alcohol. I remember coming back to my hometown for a visit and younger girls that had looked up to me had heard the type of life I was living and thought it was so neat that I was a nanny for a movie star, dancing on TV, singing at a club and I just felt sick that if they knew ALL the things I was doing they might think it was okay because, well, Jen does it. I didn't want that and I didn't want to let anyone down. Anyway back to idols. We look at them and assume they are uber happy or have nothing to complain about because of their wealth and fame. Maybe we make the mistake all to often of letting things they do that are really not okay slip because they are so gorgeous, famous, and everyone else is doing it or worse things. I guess what I took from this train of thought was I know in whom I trust and need a constant reminder not to idolize people. They don't need the added pressure of trying to hold up to my expectations and I would hate for anyone to do that to me either. Thanks for listening to "Deep Thoughts With Jen" we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming ; ).


Raysha said...

I love this post. I'm also a church going gal who works with those same young girls you are speaking of. I think it's great that we aren't all perfect and they can learn from us. This is a great article. You may appreciate this one: http://lexmallabooks.com/?p=149

Kelie Scott said...

Jen this makes me think of how many time people have asked me in my life...Who do you idolize?..My answer has always been "Myself" No one is perfect and If we are always trying to focus our lives on others then we will never be able to accomplish our own selfworth. I look up to others or think they are wonderful but honestly my personal fovorite Idol..Is Myself.
I love that you will admit you had a time in your life that wasnt as glorified as you thought it was even at the time. You are human and you are such a good example to all of your readers everyday for being honest to us and yourself.

elciaravi said...

Excellent! Very well said, and as a Christian myself, I appreciate the reminder that there is only One who we can put on a pedestal. Just found your blog, and it looks like a lot of fun. Thanks!