Winner Announced

 This year came with some ReAlLy good costume entries but one really BLEW my mind!!! Behold! Camille's sister (since I never got a name LOL) is the winner of our Classy Halloween Contest for 2011 =D. Just send me an email with your information within 48 hours and I can send you your gift!!! Check this out everyone...

How gruesome and cool is THAT??? My mom also sent me some pictures of dArLiNg trick or treating costumes. Here are my favs!
 Audrey is ALWAYS classy!
 She's PERFECT!!!!! Look at those brows! That expression!!!
 So beautiful
 LOVE!!!!! Darling, and perfectly Fall colored with the cutest pigtails EvEr!!!
 Bah ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!!!!

This little smoosh was at our church party and his whole family was dressed up as Legos. Notice the genius of using his costume as a double chin rest = D. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
Here's me and my hubby for our Halloween party. We won best costumes yay!!! =) What did you dress up as this year?


Unknown said...

I love your costumes, so creative!

Merkley Jiating said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Karie!

You and Kevin look AWESOME! But you are going to have bad luck for that open umbrella in the house. :)

Nhart said...

I dressed up as the staples easy button!!!

Kiki said...

Thank you so much!! Didn't even imagine winning, just sent in the costume picture for fun. Never won anything in my life so thank you for giving me a first. Love all your genius makeup tips by the way!