Concealing Your Eyebrows

Halloween is upon us and for those crazy dramatic looks that call for no eyebrows are sometimes daunting. I don't feel I did a great job in the Sally look so I did some more research and found better techniques =). Here you are and I hope you enjoy! Have you sent me a Halloween look yet??? Can't wait to see them all this year!!!


Els said...

I'm going to try this for sure!

:) said...

I want to try this too. I just found you on pintrest, I love you! I have so much to learn, I am in love with your brushes and colors, I need to get them... the stuff I have does not stay on very long. I'm going to keep watching and telling my sister's and friends all about you! Thanks for being fabulous, keep up the great work.

Ashley said...

I don't really have a reason to "plaster" my eyebrows but yet I want to do this so bad! I have been reading for a while-this is my first time commenting. :)