Snow White

Halloween is coming ladies! What are you going to be? I will be starting the Halloween series this week and hope that you will send in requests! Our first look will be Snow White. This little princess was beloved and sweet, albeit just a touch naive (NEVER take apples from strangers!). For the original movie the animators actually took real makeup and applied it to her in every frame. Her lips were also more of a brown red but has become iconic apple red for anyone doing the look now. I hope you like it =).
Speaking of Halloween, attention anyone in the Utah Valley area, I invite you to Witch's Night at Gardener's Village. I'll be there all decked out and looking to meet YOU! Are you coming? Will I see you there? Hope so = D!!!


Els said...

Love this! I think I'm going to be snow white now for Halloween hahaa

WiffsWife said...

I just found your website through pinterest and thought this video was so cute. You're a doll!

I don't dress up for Halloween, but my son and daughter will be Darth Vader and Yoda.

...off to find out more information on applying eye lashes for myself.