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Electric lights, booming music, friendly faces, even a flash mob. This was the atmosphere I found this past weekend at the Xango Global Convention held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Xango enthusiasts flooded the Salt Palace to be inspired, to support one another and hear some exciting announcements and product launches. Launches like Juni, a personal care line that will leave you feeling like you just came from the spa  I was surprised to feel such unity among such a large group of people that, for most, didn’t even speak the same language. The universal language of family was a common theme as many on lookers were treated to a flash mob dancing unexpectedly to “We Are Family”. Not being a member of Xango I thought maybe I would feel like an outsider looking in. Not so! I had many people walk up to me and ask if they could get their picture with me..maybe the obnoxious hair flowers I wear could attribute? I was greeted by smiles wherever I went and was even able to practice my Russian! You may now be asking yourself what is Xango? Why are so many excited about it and even more wanting to join their ranks? For some of you, the first time you heard of this Utah based company was when they asked me to review their products here on the blog. Let me help you out with some details.
Xango was founded one year after the tragedy of 9-11 by six men with a vision, that “it’s safe to dream again!” They created a new category of wellness and supplementation being the first company to bring a mangosteen beverage to the market. They are now one of the top nutrition companies in the world, are in more than 30 international markets and have over 1 million independent distributors. More than just a successful and powerful company they feel strongly about giving back. Charity is a huge part of Xango and has blessed the lives of children and their families everywhere through the Xango Goodness Foundation. Their main product is the Xango Juice but they have branched out into other areas to provide a well rounded vision for health. The beauty industry gives us what they feel is adequate and fair but it is Xango’s belief that so much of what we put on our faces really goes further than just skin deep. Enter Beverly Hollister, Senior Vice President of Xango. Beverly has dedicated a good part of her life to the pursuit of health and wellness. She passionately fights for clean, pure and safe products knowing that the effects of toxins (sold by most leading brands) on our face could be detrimental. Reading from her bio at Xango.com it says: Hollister is also committed to the business community as a member of the American Management Association, the National Association for Female Executives, Lexington Who’s Who, and Cosmetic Executive Women. For her efforts, she has been recognized, most recently in Utah Business Magazine as a Woman to Watch.
I was able to catch up with Beverly (and steal her from adoring fans) at the conference to ask her about her feelings on all things beauty.

Q: Being a makeup artist I know enough about skin care to prep a model’s skin and get her ready for the runway. I will be the first to admit that I could know a lot more and for this purpose I have come to learn at your feet. Beverly, why is skin care so important?

A: We really believe it’s wellness inside and out. I would never tell someone just to buy skin care. It’s the thoughts we think, the way we choose to live our lives, our nutrition internally, exercise. I believe, as a woman, it’s the time, relationships and love we have in our lives. It’s loving and giving back to ourselves. That’s why I love these new Juni products because I am bathing my skin in something very pure and clean. I do the same on the inside. I believe that beautiful skin comes from a healthy liver, kidneys, all of it. It’s wellness through and through.

Q: My demographic has gone from only young mothers to more mature ladies and teenagers. When do you feel it is time to start thinking about skin care as a young adult. During those pubescent years?

A: Yes, that’s a great time to start. Also, as moms, we need to educate our children at a young age correct eating habits to keep their skin clear. Not too much sugar and dairy for their internal health.

Q: Where can my readers see documentation of all the results seen by your customers?

A: We have at least four blogs on Xango.com where you can read about people sharing the good news. We have millions of customers that love the products and that are making changes in their lives that will affect them, their children and their grandchildren. There are many testimonies here right now at this conference. My advice is to always do your research. Be informed about what you choose to put on your face. One of the things I’ve realized as I’ve traveled through the 36 countries that we are in, some people have just never been taught. So when they do get good nutrition or clean skin care that works with your own body, they see unbelievable results.

Q: Speaking about choosing products, let’s play the deserted island game. If you were to choose only one product what would it be?

A: (laughs) Topically or internally? (me) Let’s say one of each. (her) Internally I would take the Reserva because if I’m on a deserted island I’m sure that I could grow my own vegetables and fruit. Externally, I would mix the Luminescence Repair and Luminescence Brighten from the Glimpse line to make my one topical product (all laugh). It’s true though that if we just love our bodies, give a little bit of attention it’s amazing what this magnificent creation will do for us.

Q: Like I told you before I really loved the Glimpse Gel Cleanser. It removed makeup SO well, which is very important to me, and it left my skin feeling great. Not dry or overly oily. I raved about it on the blog and was so surprised at the response I got. Emails from readers wondering about Xango and how they can order. Is it a membership thing? Does it have a point system you need to reach?

A: Good question. We didn’t realize the great response we would have through media like yours so we created what we call a customer program. You can become a member and get a discount but you don’t have to become a full fledged distributor. You can go to the website and then have a referral for the customer program. It’s very very simple.

Q: Well speaking of readers, I had them write in some questions for you that they would like to know about. Dawn in California asks if you have a specific line or individual products for more mature skin?

A: Yes. We recommend different regimens for someone who has 15, 20 year old skin versus more mature skin in their 50’s and 60’s. We take the basic nutrition and boost it. These two together (Luminescence Repair and Brighten) will help repair the skin. Skin that has been severely damages or burned, it will actually help repair and regrow collagen.

Q: Nicole in Oregon wants to know at what point is it appropriate to start using anti-wrinkle cream?

A: I would say to be very selective in the anti-wrinkle cream you choose Nicole. Just like looking at the back of all of your food item labels to see what you are taking internally, learn to read your labels for topical products. You deserve that. There are some companies that actually use ingredients that break down your skin. Even if it says anti-wrinkle cream it may lack the proper nutrients that would help repair your skin. You’ll get a lot of silicone and other molecules that actually coat the skin but they don’t allow the skin to thrive.

Q: So what would we be looking for on labels that would make us put it back on the shelf?

A: I would direct you to Stacy Malkan’s book “Not Just A Pretty Face, the Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry”. She really is a pioneer trying to educate woman as to what is put into the products we use. She made a bold choice not to go with the herd. If someone is really interested in taking those baby steps with “where do I start first” most of the things (on the labels) you won’t even be able to read. That’s why on our label if there is what we call a Latin name that seems difficult we will have on our website the common name. Anything with propylene glycol or pegs are terrible for the skin. It’s like that awful high fructose corn syrup (which PS ladies, get that OUT of your house!!!) These products break down collagen. France just passed a law where all new skin care products all personal care products need to delete all parabens. Parabens kill anything bad but they also kill all the good stuff that we want to keep in the skin. It is important to protect your products with a preservative but one that is safe for the skin. Read your labels!!!

Q: Amy in Oregon wants to know if proceeds from products or services go to charity. I know about your Xango Goodness Foundation, could you tell us a little bit about that?

A: You know it’s part of our DNA to give back especially to those that cannot help themselves. We’ve aligned with Operation Smile through our Xango Goodness Foundation, a separate entity. Many of our distributers also promote a meal pack program. For example all those mothers and children in Somalia that have made the trek to the healing centers in Kenya for protection. We had enough meal packs to feed 13,000 families for one month there. We attract such amazing people to be apart of Xango, people that want to make a difference, they want to give back. We all love what money buys for us but it’s more than the money. It’s the relationships, it’s what we do and the legacy that we leave.

Q: Ashley in New York writes, “Our weather has been all over the place this year, what do I need to know about how to take care of my skin in those types of conditions?”

A: Ashley, you are smart. It drives me nuts when I see a company that says, “you do this and you don’t go from that regimen.” Let’s use food for an example. In the summer time we are given beautiful fresh fruits and lighter things that are in season and in the winter time heavier foods. It’s the same with your skin listen to it. I’m on the plane all the time and if I am in a humid area I drink a lot of water but then add a boost of whatever I need. In the summer time go lighter on things. If you mix the Luminescence products together you may not even need moisturizer.

Q: With listening to your skin, how much time should you give products before you abandon them thinking they aren’t working?

A: Your skin cells are always “turning over” so when starting a whole new skin care regimen I would say at least 30 days. With proper hydration you’ll feel it a lot faster.

Q: Lastly I personally have a few questions. What are some products that you feel you just shouldn’t leave the house without? What, when you are in a rush, should you not omit?

A: I would say cleansing is so important. I even mix my products together, a cocktail or smoothie when I’m in a rush. I mix the serum, the Luminescence products and moisturizer and then put it on. Don’t do it one by one by one. Busy moms can do this to save time. (insert Jen having an a-ha moment!)

Q: Doing photo shoots with models and brides I look for a very a foundation that can cover really well. Why should I use your products over a heavier coverage like MAC?

A: I’ll be honest, we are not experts in foundation but what we do is offer a solution from right now and we will continue to get better. If you continue to work on yourself internally you won’t need a heavier coverage. I can look at someone and can tell if their hormones are out of balance. Dairy for example, unless you can afford certain types of dairy they are so pumped with hormones, human growth hormones and antibiotics. Our bodies take that and it pops up extra estrogen and it throws our systems out of whack. If you could just start with cutting out sugar too. Sugar causes glycation which produces wrinkles. (Insert Jen...”DID YOU HEAR THAT LADIES???)

Needless to say I was very impressed with not only Beverly, that was a given, but with the whole atmosphere at the Xango Conference. Everyone was so excited to cheer on their peers. To celebrate victories and encourage each other. To get their hands on the newly announced products, which were selling like hotcakes (What? Hotcakes sell!).  Here I am getting more information from their lead makeup artist Misha who has actually formulated the makeup for the Glimpse line!
Now knowing more about parabyns and PEGs, I am looking at my labels like crazy! Guess what? I have found these bad boys in EvErYtHiNg!!! How can you escape it? What do you buy? Where can you get it? Commercials are SO deceiving! I was watching one just the other day and was so convinced by the actress saying,”This is different, this is the skin I remember.” I was HOOKED! I went to go out that day, got it, read the label and put it BaCk on the shelf! Are we going to believe that this is just how it has to be? That we have to live with these harmful ingredients just because? We are better than that ladies. We are women who can become more informed on what we put on our skin and what we take internally. Kick that high fructose corn syrup to the curb. Don’t use margarine (which is one molecule away from plastic P.S.). Cut the sugar in half at least. I mean, if it causes wrinkles why NOT! Teach children now to make good choices with food and they will continue that legacy. I personally want to live by the rule of moderation in all things. I don’t find it healthy to cut out one food group completely but that’s just me. I DO, however, want to cut out parabyns and PEGs completely. How? Well have I got news for YOU!!! Yours truly scored not only the newest of NEW, safe products that were announced that weekend but Xango wants YOU to have some as well!!!! One lucky Classy reader will win goodies from the Glimpse and the new Juni line. In their own words here is how Xango describes Juni:

“Bring the luxurious serenity of a restoring spa experience into your home every day of the week with our new Juni® by XANGO. 100% pure essential oils awaken your senses and rejuvenate body, mind, and sprit with the nourishing benefits of mangosteen. Only from XANGO: pure vegan formulas designed for the well-being of body, soul and earth. Created by nature. Optimized by XANGO.
The new Juni products deliver products that cleanse, refresh, and nourish with clean and safe formulas featuring Southeast Asia’s nourishing mangosteen and an aromatherapy experience with 100% pure essential oil blends to relax, energize and awaken the senses. Bless and nourish your hair and body with Juni while honoring the environment we share. Juni turns even your smallest stolen moment into a re-storing at-home spa getaway.”
SO, here are the goodies:
the Glimpse Luminescence Brighten & Repair serums
Juni Vegan Hand & Body Bar
Juni Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner
Juni Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
Juni Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil
Juni Hand & Body Wash
Juni Hand & Body Lotion
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Contest will end on Wed. October 19th at midnight MST. Have fun and spread the word!!!


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