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Today's Editor Obsession: SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense

My husband just told me how great my skin looks. This is strange for a couple of reasons. 

One: While he isn’t oblivious to changes in my appearance, my spouse’s observational tools are sensitive enough only to detect the fairly obvious. For example, he declared a shade of red lipstick wrong for me but didn't comment when I had lash extensions. And the hubs certainly isn’t savvy to pore size or pigmentation.

Two: I just survived a couple of the most stressful weeks I can remember. Long hours at work, little sleep, and standard hormonal issues on top of a couple of life crises are exactly what usually turn my skin into a bigger mess than Charlie Sheen’s career.

So this comment on my skin had me floored. And the only reason for my calm complexion is SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense serum ($78).

This miracle skin cocktail contains a blend of ingredients that help prevent acne, fight the signs of aging, and combat hyperpigmentation. Dioic acid inhibits sebum production and kills acne-causing bacteria. And a combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids help clear pores and exfoliate to minimize the appearance of pores and reveal more even skin tone.

I started using the lightweight serum before the chaos, and I still apply a few drops every morning before my moisturizer. The fluid is totally nongreasy and absorbs in an instant — I don’t feel like I have another product sitting on top of my skin.

In the weeks since I added Blemish + Age Defense to my routine, I haven’t seen a single breakout, and I think my skin looks more even and radiant. And it seems my husband agrees!

Visit the SkinCeuticals Facebook page to sign up for a free sample of Blemish + Age Defense.

How do you keep your skin from showing stress?

— Liesa Goins

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