April Favs & A Few Comparisons

Here are a few of my favs and I have tried some alternatives to my regular products that I have loved and used on a daily basis. Here are some thoughts on just a few. What have you tried that you just can't get away from? Have you had a bad experience with trying something new and hating it or loving it more? SHARE!!!


Daisha said...

Any suggestions on a good eyelash curler? The maybelline and cover girl ones seem to have changed on me since i last bought them and I'm not longer a fan. Love to hear what ya think?!

karen said...

My eyelashes used to be really long but as I've gotten older they're not nearly so long. My question: do you wear the false lashes every day? Just wondering how that works out or if it's too hard on your real ones.

One of my favorite products is Eve Taylor Face Oil #1 for sensitive skin. I use it under my moisturizer and it keeps my skin looking good - controls breakouts, dry spots, all of that. Kind of hard to find, but it's awesome.

Jen said...

Daisha, I really like the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. You used to be able to get it at Sephora but I think only online now. It is amazing!!!! =)

Karen, I do wear "falsies" almost every day. It's rare when I don't. My natural lashes have born it well and they are still alive and kicking. I think the fact that the DUO glue is a very safe and quality glue has a lot to do with that. Eve Taylor Face Oil huh? I might have to try that out!!!