Glow Wisdom

It's Monday! So here is some insight from Dr. Jessica Wu over at the Glow.
Have you noticed that certain celebs look younger in some photos and older in others? In many cases, a simple change of hair, makeup, and clothing can make a huge difference in how young or old someone looks. Here are some quick tricks that can make you look instantly more youthful:
 Younger skin is soft, smooth, and dewy, so moisturize if your skin is dry or flaky. If you have an oily T zone or large pores, just moisturize any dry, flaky patches, typically the cheeks or around the nostrils and the sides of the chin. (click here for a quick fix)
Light makeup 
The more your natural skin texture shows, the more youthful you’ll look, so use a light hand when applying makeup. Too much foundation or powder can settle into fine lines, accentuating wrinkles. Instead, use concealer strategically, only where you need it: on dark circles under the eyes, red patches around the nose, and/or any sun-damage spots. For the rest, use light liquid foundation or powder. Play up your eyes or lips, but not both. A smoky eye + a nude lip = sexy. A smoky eye + a red lip + loads of blush = painted lady.
Natural hair
Work with your hair’s natural texture and body. Stick-straight hair can look severe. On the other hand, stiff, teased hair can make you look like an extra from Mad Men. We love Joan, but she and everyone else back then appears older, thanks to their sprayed-to-death bouffant hair. Don’t be afraid to loosen up your hairstyle. You can look carefree and pretty but still well groomed.
Stylish & Sustainable
I packed Cove rGirl's NatureLuxe Gloss Balm for a ski trip recently and used it all weekend. It comes in a slim tube and moisturizes like lip balm (it contains castor seed oil, shea butter, and mango seed butter) while also giving you just a hint of sheer color, so you don't look overly made up when you're doing sports or working out at the gym.


Jill Franklin said...

You're seriously the best! Pat your cute belly for me.

Juleen Kenney said...

What is The Glow?

Jen said...

Every Monday we feature a website called the Daily Glow. Dr. Jessica Wu helps us with tips about skin care and I feature them here on the blog =). LOVE her book "Feed Your Face"!!!