CG Thick Lash Mascara

We were taking our oldest son to a birthday party and I thought I had gotten myself completely ready when a quick glance in the mirror showed otherwise. I had put on my False lashes like normal but then didn't put any mascara on to blend them. It was VeRy visible to me that I had black lashes resting on my natural brown ones....WHAT KIND OF A MAKEUP ARTIST AM I????? My husband said he couldn't tell, but.....he's a guy.....enough said. We stopped at a drug store and I grabbed the cheapest mascara I could find (that WaSn'T the green and pink bottle disaster!*) and it turned out to be this one. It cost just over $5 and I figured I could do a review on it as well. I liked that it was thick and did just what I wanted it to. I even liked the smaller wand, which I don't normally. I didn't love that quality as much when I used it on my natural lashes unfortunately. Give me a large curved wand any day when I'm not wearing my falsies! The only thing that left me a little blah was that it seemed to take a while to dry. Like I was scared to blink too soon...which leads to me keeping my eyes wide open like a dummy...which leads to my son never getting invited to another birthday party. Let's just say that it is worth the money for me since I am usually wearing false lashes but I'll be sure to give myself a few ticks of the clock before I step out into the cold with wide open eyes!

*I am always shocked and dismayed to see posters and signs all around the Maybelline Great Lash mascara as saying it's the #1 purchased mascara. That it's the makeup artists secret (c'mon Carmindy...REALLY???). The only reason that it may be #1 is that people pick it up out of habit or they don't KnOw any better!!! Let's change this ladies by spreading the word that it is pure JUNK!!! The only "secret" to me still having it in my kit is for when I actually need the model to have smeared makeup. Yuck, yuck YUCK!!!!!


Jill Franklin said...

Well Hello!
I hope you had a Fantastic holiday with your family!
I just wanted to tell you that you've got me Hooked on falsies. I looked rediculous in the Demi's but another style I got (i don't know which one's off the top of my head) but I Am Hooked!
And yeah, The Great Last Mascarra isn't so great...Haaated iiit!
I think I'm hooked on your blog now too... O_o
Enjoy your day!

Becky said...

RIGHT??? Who are these people that actually use the pink and green?????? I tried it back in high school and was smart enough then to recognize a lame mascara.

I really enjoy wearing falsies (the Demi's you recommended) but I probably just do it once a week.. I don't mind putting on a few layers of mascara.

Tracy D said...

Wow you really hate Great Lash. I used to wear it, for years actually. I now know better...don't hate it quite like you do ;), but nonetheless don't use it anymore.

Jen said...

I know, isn't it silly to hate inanimate objects? Life really IS too short to hate...I strongly dislike it =D.

Unknown said...

Hey Jen,
Maybe I missed it in a post, but what is your fav. mascara? I have used the pink and green and it's TERRIBLE! No longer use it, but not in love with anything i've tried!

Jen said...

Bargain buy I think that Lash Blast (orange bottle) is pretty good. I think MAC has a rather good one too. I think their price is worth it though because I get the discount. Chanel has great ones but they are bucco bucks for something you throw away in 3 months. Voluminous has won over MOST of my readers so I would check that one out first! =)

elizabeth said...

I just tried a super cheap mascara by Nyc. It is their new lash defining mascara. Comes with one of those rubber wands. I'm not a big fan of those wands, but this mascara is definately worth a try. It's just $2. I mean really...$2. I really like it.