Beauty Blender vs Sonia Kashuk


wiederwife said...

Thank you for this tutorial Jenni! I also received one of these for Christmas (though I must admit I bought it myself!). :) Anyway, I haven't opened the package yet, and now I know not to! I'll just return it to Target and just spend the extra $5 to get the real thing. Thank you for saving me from wasting $10!!!

Becky said...

I want a beauty blender!! But I almost always wear mineral foundation or a tinted moisturizer so it's kind of pointless for me at the moment. LOL

A few months ago I did buy a product from Ulta that was like your Target sponge and same thing, it was very dense.. ended up using as a sponge but then throwing away because it was just taking up space.

Cherry Blossoms said...

I LOVE my Beauty Blender! I have actually had it for over a year and with weekly cleaning it is still looking brand new! Beauty Blenders last and are SO worth the extra $$$$$$$$! I just bought another one at Christmas for myself just to have as backup when the old one decides to fall apart...so far thats not happening! Hurray! Thanks for your tutorial/review!