UDPP Testimonial

Hi Jenni, I am so glad while we were at Sephora you talked me into getting the Urban Decay potion primer. I was a little hesitant to pay $20 for something that goes under my eyeshadow, but it was so worth it x 10. I will buy it again. It makes my shadows look so beautiful. even some of my less expensive shadows look great because this is my base. I usually do not have problems with creasing bu my shadow is usually gone by 5 at night. now at 10 when I wash my face at night it looks like it was freshly applied, I almost hate to wash it off it looks so good. Thanks Jenni for the great recommendation!

-- Thanks girl, nicole


Monica Mary said...

I love you Nicole!!!

Jessica F. said...

I also got it and LOVE it!

lori said...

Hey Jennifer!
where's the fathers day pics? so excited!