Homemade Brush Cleanser on am 590

- 1 cup bottled or distilled water
- 1/4 cup alcohol ( I use 99%) This will be your disinfecting, sanitizing & antibacterial agent
- 1/2 TBSP dish soap (if it can cut grease on your dishes, think of the grease on your brushes)
- 1/2 TBSP gentle shampoo (I used Avalon Organic Shampoo from Walmart)*
- 1 TBSP spray leave-in-conditioner (not cream) to condition bristles

Stir GENTLY!!!!! You do not want the soaps to start foaming or to sud up. After it is all mixed together pour it into your container and there is your inexpensive homemade brush cleanser.
Okay, so for those of you having a hard time cleaning lip brushes or eyeliner brushes with your ordinary cleanser, I have NEWS for YOU!!!!! Since lipstick and most liquid liners are gel/wax based you need something to prep them before disinfecting with your cleanser. You'll need:
- Any olive oil you have in the house
- A paper towel or cloth (best) to deposit color
- A dirty lip or liner brush =)
Put just a DrOp of oil on the rag and clean brush back and forth (avoid circular motions) till most color is gone. Add another drop if needed and repeat process. After color is off of the brush, cleanse normally with your home made brush cleanser or any cosmetic cleanser you have. A trick that I follow for keeping my white brushes white is that after this whole process...I wash them again with Clearasil and they return to WHITE WHITE WHITE!!! =) Click here to see how I clean my brushes (alert! OLD video!!!)

*Click here to learn more about "safe and natural" shampoos. Unfortunately we are led to believe that all baby shampoos must be the most gentle but it's not the case. There are three major ingredients that are unsafe that can be found in your shampoo but the Avalon Shampoo from Walmart has none of them.


lori said...

Jen- you are amazing- everytime I check into your site, you've added 20 new followers- you GO girl!


Brook said...

I made this and it works so awesome thanks so much!