Olive Green Eye

Sooooooo I have worn this eye for the last three days. I know, but it's not like I'm wearing the same oUtFiT right??? Anyway, it is super natural, light with just a touch of softness because of the smokey technique. The lip liner that I used from Forever21 is only &2.80!!!!! SO worth it and it lasts all day!!! I got this hat from Forever21 as well and it was only $4!!!!! I happen to love that store =). Pictures coming soon for this look.


Nicole Hunter said...

This is beautiful Jen! I love is when you do greens! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Okay, new to your blog! When I saw the first picture, WOW!! You look absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I was expecting to scroll down and see you already looking like that. Some ladies have all the luck. lol But then when I saw your "naked", pretty face (still so gorgeous don't get me wrong) and how you enhanced everything...I'm blown away! And I'm excited to start doing my makeup with your techniques. I think this is something I can do, and that makes me happy. Thanks so much for a great blog. I do have one question, and that is how did you get your brows like that? Maybe I'll find my answer if I keep browsing the site. Thanks. -Kylee