Flash Bronzer Review

I have only just recently entered the world of self tanners and have found it to be quite difficult if not impossible. Sure most of it is user error, but let's be honest, can't ANY product be "Jenni proof"??? With sprays I can't keep it from splattering, which makes me dab off the excess, which then leads me to believe I just took everything off sooooo I reapply......much to my HORROR!!!!! I turn out looking like I'm from some freak planet where the sun oranges you (instead of browns) and was selective in where it decided to orange my skin. It was like the picture below but MUCH patchier!!! Let us skip now to my thoughts on the Flash Bronzer I just bought from Lancome while they were in gift. I purchased it merely to get the 6 a la cart gifts I was salivating over so I didn't really give it that much thought. Especially after the travesty first trial of sunless products. I was shocked, I repeat SHOCKED at how much I loved this stuff!!! It was so creamy, tinted (so a fool like me could see if I missed any spots) and blended SO well! I also liked that it was buildable. Much like a foundation with coverage, if you need more then you slap it on. In this case if you want to be a touch darker just put on another layer after the first dries (30 min). If you are going to go out and get the gift, I HIGHLY recommend you getting the bronzer (singing voice) I LOOOOOOOVE IIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!


Jessica F. said...

Amazing. I can't wait to try it! I am in need of a good bronzer!

Zach and Codi said...

I knew you would love it! Whenever anyone says they are going to go tanning I tell them to save their skin and try that instead. It's great stuff.