A Tres Chic Boutique...Tres Chic Indeed!!!!!

Meet Summer!!!! Summer is a dear friend of mine from "growing up days" in California. I was able to have a few nights out with the girls while in Utah and caught up with Summer. She showed me around her classic and very fashionable boutique and to say I was floored would be quite the understatement!!!!! Tres Chic Boutique, pronounced {tray sheek boo-teek}, has been in business since early 2008. Unlike most boutiques, Tres Chic Boutique is a store you can afford to shop at either in person or online from the comfort of your own home. Tres Chic Boutique has been on television regularly, in magazines and featured in blogs all over the world!!!! I will be "modeling" some of the great looks from her boutique in upcoming tutorials. You are going to DIE!!!!!

Summer Adams, owner of Tres Chic Boutique describes herself stating,

"I'm a girlie-girl, most importantly a stay-at-home mom, who just LOVES fashion and home decor! Just call me....a Fashionista on a budget! My friends and family are always asking where I got "this" and "that" whether it's a piece in my home, something I've made or something I'm wearing. I decided it was time that I picked some of my favorite things to sell to all of you who are as passionate about your personal style as I am.

Tres Chic Boutique offers high-quality products for the lowest price possible. My pieces are from lines I've bought from for years now and know are a great buy. If you're a girl on a budget, you'll be thrilled with our prices. My mission is for every woman to be able to afford to look fabulous! And I'm the woman making it possible."

Click HERE or on the side bar to go to her site and just drool over classic to outrageously beautiful pieces she has. I DARE you not to fall in love =).

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