NYX Milk Is A MUST!!!!!

I have seen SO many girls sporting this in their cases and using it in other tutorials that I HAD to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. Ladies...this stick is GOLD!!!!! Well, it's white but you know what I mean =). You can use this as your only base or team it up with the UDPP for a specTACular look. It brightens any light color that you are using and goes GREAT peaking out in the inner corners of your eyes when using a darker color. *BEWARE* one of the great things about this product is that a little goes a LONG way so be sparing when applying. I will be showing you how in upcoming tutorials as well, but make sure you pat it in with your finger or blend with a synthetic brush to avoid creasing. You can click HERE to get yours online today!!! It runs $3.00 not including shipping and is worth every penny!!!! Have any of you tried it? Post your thoughts or send a picture using it!!!

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