Rihanna People Magazine Cover

This is a request but has SO much more in it!!!!! Not only do I do my take on the Rihanna PEOPLE cover but I also teach about cheekbones for those of you wanting them =) and false eyelash application. I LoVe this look and am VERY pleased with how it all came together. I did forget to record the fact that I used Vanilla as my brow bone color, oops!!! Let me know what you think and if you see any other pictures you want me to recreate, let me know!!!!


Becky said...

How fun! I saw this earlier and went and tried it out.. so fun! I don't have the darker outer color but came up with something close.

I took pics but haven't uploaded them yet.. if they look ok I'll send one in.. lol

Can we talk concealer too?? I have dark circles under my eyes, especially if my 13 month old woke up during the night (still way too often). What I haven isn't cutting it and I've been putting up with it.. but NO MORE!

Unknown said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Thank you for the awesome tutorial. You hit like 3 key things I ve been wondering about. I've been dying to try some false lashes but have been scared to put them on. And I always feel like my blush is lacking something. So thank you very much for this awesome video.

And you did excellent saying my name correctly!

Zach and Codi said...

Love your take on it honey! You look fabulous!! I looked through my collection and from what I could see on the video the "no name" color was either cranberry(that is the one that looked the closest to the one on the video), or plum dressing(if you remembered that the color did in fact start with the word plum). Just a few tips for those out there... if you are using a mac black pencil liner for the bottom I would suggest you place the color directly on a liner brush and then apply. The mac pencils are quite creamy and you might end up getting more color down there than you would like, and by using the brush you can blend it right away while applying. Also you might want to try applying the false lashes to your eyelid with tweezers instead of your fingers you can get them closer to the lash line and with your fingers you can tend to take shadow color away from the areas where your fingers were. Just some ideas.

Marshall and Jennifer said...

LOVE IT! What brand are the fake lashes? They look good for being cheap and i have never tried any before so i want to get those exact ones if possible. Oh, and were did you pick them up?

Jen said...

I got them at Fred Myer but I am SURE you can get the same at Target too. They are Ardell Fashion Lashes #105 in black. They are fun huh? =)

Think Positive and SMILE! said...


That was a great tutorial! I really liked it! It turned out really good!

I liked the tip about the eyelashes! Good tip!