My Must Have Brushes For Leigh Anne =)

Having purchased quite a few brushes good and bad these are my must haves starting from #1 most important on down. If you are just building up your brush supply then start at the top =)!!!
These are the brushes that I LOVE and use ALL the time. I have 2 #17s and the #239. The 239 can also be found at the craft store for only $4.95!!!!!!!!! It is not the same brush but just as good. It is the Maxine's Mop 3/4" Loew Cornell brand. I have also gotten my eyeliner brush (see below) and many more paint brushes there. See older post: Brushes Can Be Cheap.


Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Thank you! Now we are off to brush shop. Now how about a tutorial on good basic, must have eyeshadow colors!! I sure am demanding aren't I :)

Clayton and Danielle said...

SO I have always loved makeup but never really thought I had the time.But now I totally realize that it really does not take that much time I can do it:) So my question is, do you have a list of must have makeup items and brushes? I want to know your best of the best and your trial and errors. Hopefully I will be able to learn from your mistakes and get just what I need:) Thanks!!

Think Positive and SMILE! said...

I am SO glad you have this written on your blog site in addition to the info being in your videos!!! Today, I am going to go buy some brushes, so I came here first, to see if I could find the brush numbers, and Yay! You have the info right here! Thanks!

Jen said...

Welcome Danielle =). I have a few posts that have listed must haves for me and one is on the side bar as well. It is FoReVeR changing as I try new things so I am going to post a new list for ya =). Coming soooon....