Tipsy Tuesday....just written on Wednesday =)

Moisturizer!!!!! Even if you have oily skin (like I do). Your makeup application will go more smoothly, evenly and cover better. I LoVe Mary Kay's Time Wise age fighting moisturizer. It is like a DRINK to your skin but not greasy at ALL!!!!! It's oil free and great for sensitive skin too. I can put on my makeup immediately following. Go find something that works for you and USE it!!!! If we are going to do our makeup everyday, we might as well give our skin the hydration it needs. Also doesn't hurt that it helps with the elasticity of your skin as well. This is a win win people!!!!!


Laurel said...

does this have a sunscreen in it as well? If not, do you use a sunscreen daily and what kind--since I have oily skin as well...thanks!

Jen said...

It does not have any SPF in it. At least it doesn't say that it does. I do not wear any sunscreen because the MAC foundation has SPF 15 and I just leave it at that. See if yours has some too, it should. Hope that helps =).

Becky said...

I have combo. skin and my t-zone is super oily. I use Avon's "Hydra-Radiance Moisturizing Day Lotion SPF 15" and I like it enough.. I use mineral foundation and am able to apply it shortly after.

Do you use any sort of mattifier (you know, the stuff that takes the shine away that you apply prior to foundation)?

Zach and Codi said...

Ladies, this is something we address every time we do makeover events and finally Robert (the professional artist I work with) explained things in a way that completely made sense....
people with oily skin should definitely moisturize
#1: because all skin needs it and benefits from it
#2: and more importantly.... if you have oily skin and you're not using moisturizer you are causing your skin to become even oilier. Why? Because your skin needs hydration and if it's not getting it it will produce it own. Often when your skin has to compensate for your lack of moisturizing it will over-produce oil causing your oily skin situation to become even worse.
Also... what's easier to repair? Damage caused from lack of hydration, or using a tissue or blotter to take a little bit of oil off your skin?
Just something to think about. Also... many people who think they are oily are actually not so make sure to go through the steps to really find out your skin type so you can treat it properly. If you need to ask a professional!

The Banner Family said...

This product is approx. $23.00 and can be purchased on-line at: www.marykay.com/erinhoover