Tipsy Tuesday

Is my mascara running?????
So, you have done your eyeshadow and it is PerFectIoN!!!!! You go to apply your mascara with precision and ease when......NOOOOOOOOO. You get it all over your lid messing up the magic of the eyeshadow that was once there. Instead of totally lifting up your eyebrows and getting a headache, just tilt you head as far back as comfortable thereby separating your lashes and you lid....you gotta keep 'em separated!!!! Whoah, bad joke!!!!


Becky said...

hehe I totally just tilted my head back to pretend to do it. I *hate* it when I get mascara on my eyelids after my shadow is on so now I do it oh-so-carefully (I used to do it before).

Totally have that song in my head now.. that's what you're talking about, right?? lol

Jen said...

Yes!!!!! That song was in my head the WhOlE time I was writing the post and until I went to bed. Just one of those tunes I guess =).

Becky said...

We have that song on Rock Band (the second one or we downloaded it.. can't remember).. LOVE singing it. hehehe

Think Positive and SMILE! said...

I don't even like looking at that picture!!! So VERY evil and creepy-looking. I guess he REALLY wasn't happy with his make-up artist that day!!! : ) Hopefully I've never gone out of the house looking that bad! Anyway --I've never heard that song before! But yes, I try not to look up after putting on my mascara! : )