Christina Tutorial



Jen said...

Ooh! Love the look Jen! That is what I am going to do tomorrow! I also did your sea/sky blue tutorial with the ELF make up (since thats all I own now-lol)and it was wonderful. I used mostly the powder with a bit of their cream stuff as well. (And I was going to take a picture- but my camera battery was dead!) But thanks for doing the tutorials- I love them!

The Ostler Family said...

Jenni you are great. This blog makes me smile. I love reading it because I can hear you getting all excited about it. Oh, you are so fun, I love it!

Think Positive and SMILE! said...

Hey there, Jen! I just watched about 3 minutes of a video done by someone on YouTube, and there was NO excitement in her voice, no smiles, no nothin'! You do SUCH a good job compared to the other tutorials out there!!! You are LEAPS and BOUNDS above the rest! Keep it up! People like watching your tutorials, I'm sure, because of your great, friendly personality, your sense of humor, your smiles, and your enthusiasm for what you're doing!

Merkley Jiating said...

A friend I grew up with reads your blog! She even mentioned you today. http://camillebeaty.blogspot.com/ It blew my mind.

Think Positive and SMILE! said...

Hey there, Jen!

Thanks again, for showing me how to blend eye shadows!

I think it's cool to know that now, I can attempt to duplicate many of the "looks" I see! And I'm also noticing eye shadow on people now, and in pictures, and if I like what they did, I'm noticing how they made their look. I'm checking to see what they did. : ) And I can tell what they did to get a certain look, since you've showed me how on your tutorials!

A lot of time, I see a blend of black and another dark shade just on the eye lid. I like that look. And I also like the looks where it goes from dark to light, up the eye lid, and then dark on the sides.

And it's also good to know that I can use bright colors, and still look nice -- not doofy!

In the past, I have seen SO many looks that have used dark, bright or bold colors the TOTALLY WRONG way!!!!!

But you have demonstrated that you can use those shades to actually make the eyes look really pretty! Not rediculous!!! : )

So thanks!!

Meg said...

Meg was here!

Marshall and Jennifer said...

Jen, Where did you get the adorable "J" barrette? It is fabulous and i must have one!!

Jen said...

I got that J "wonderfulness" at Nordstrom like 10 years ago. It's actually a pin that you can put on a sweater or purse and I just love it in a headband =).