Kohl's 40 Shadow Pallette Review

Don't you love how almost through out the whole video half of my face is chopped off??? Yeah, I'm a professional =).


Becky said...

Good review! I haven't ever purchased MAC so I can't compare to that but I pretty much thought the same things about the fall out, etc. Hopefully I can start looking into some of the better brands soon. I love the UDPP shadow.. it is a big difference in the other drugstore shadows I have.

Melodi said...

Hello....so I skipped over here from your friend and my friend Annie....loving all that I'm reading and watching and it's getting way late here, I need to go to bed but I'm somewhat addicted to all the options your showing! Okay, on to my Q. Long story short I have what neurologist thinks is "ptosis" which is where one of my eyelids has dropped a little (from pregnancy, great!) so it's showing more eyelid on the right. So my right eye looks different from my left, it gets more obvious at night and when I'm tired. I HATE it! I see it everytime I look in the mirror. People say they don't notice it...but they do. SO my Q for you after that long intro...what can I do make-up wise to try and cover it up so to say. It for sure helps with mascara and make-up. Eyeliner is hit and miss sometimes the dark lines make it obvious that my eyelids are showing different amounts of skin. I'd love any thoughts to my lifelong problem here. :)Thanks bunches!