Just Wondering

Most of you have voted for a Halloween look for our contest. Unless something DRASTIC happens, that will probably be our theme..THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!!! Just wondering though, how many of you will actually SUBMIT a look? Picture me with my skeptical face cuz I'm a wearin it =). To submit, have a picture of your scariest, funniest, most wacky, or original Halloween face sent to sisternartker@yahoo.com. Voting will then commence, and a winner will be named!!! Leave your contact info in the email so that I can call you to get your fav colors and I will award you with three MAC colors!!!!! When we get bigger as a blog we will have other companies donating prizes. Asking again.....who will submit??? =)


Merkley Jiating said...

I would submit a Halloween look. You better do this soon though! Halloween is almost over!

Camille Elise said...

I would totally do it. It's perfect for when I get bored or distracted from my homework...which is often! I'm totally going to do stuff on my sister and send hers in too...I'm very inspired by your "Britney Spears look posting". :)