Easy Everyday Looks

Here are some every day, I don't have a ton of time looks. They are great for blue and green eyes and will pop on dark skin as well. Enjoy!!! I look like I'm saying, "Oh BOY!!!!!"
Colors Used:
- Rust Color
- Peach Pigment
- Cream (brow bone)
- Bronze Cream Base


Shaun Heier said...

Is there any way we can have Kevin get on and give some "guy" tips, for us "handsomely challenged" type of guys?

Jen said...

WHATEVER!!!!! You should be giving US tutorials!!!!! =) At least you made Kev laugh =).

Anonymous said...

That was great! And I think you might need better lighting! Lol, I am just teasing because you said it a few times. I think you do a wonderful job of explaining what you are doing, and I really like that and telling me why you are doing what you are doing. I was thinking for a quick fix, maybe you could get a stronge light bulb and just put it in while your on "stage". I don't know that it would work, but it would be a few bucks.

The McBrides said...

Hey Jenn! I absolutely love your site- its exactly what i need! Dustin had so much fun getting together with you guys, hopefully i can tag along again soon so we can finally meet! I have a cosmetic question for you- I have never had any acne problems before but now but with my pregnancy i have turned into scar face! What do i do?!!?!? I never where a ton of makeup and i try to wash my face everynight but the acne has been relentless- any suggestions? I feel so vain but i already feel crappy, do i have to LOOK crappy too!!!?
-scarface in salt lake

Jen said...

First of all Whit, CONGRATS on the smooshy (baby) news =). Okay, down to business...like most of your prego symptoms, your acne can be credited to an increase in your hormones. As your hormone levels rise, your pores produce more oil and it leads to oily skin. In some pregnancies, this new oil causes the "prego glow". But for others, oily skin is just a recipe for disaster on your face. DON'T FEEL VAIN!!! Some people might find it trivial to be concerned with acne now,but you are having a baby for crying out loud the fact is that pimples can really make an impact on your self-esteem. But take heart you may find that the worst time for those pimples is in the first trimester. As your pregnancy progresses, your estrogen levels will increase and your acne will probably stop torturing you so much and could possibly disappear completely.

After teenage years you don’t expect to WORRY about your skin anymore. And, while you may be able to afford the best skin care products out there, you really have better things to spend your money on now. If you’re suffering bad acne then your ability to see yourself as the pregnant goddess that you are may be somewhat clouded.

As self-conscious as you are, HOLD off on buying just any acne medicine. Over-the-counter acne treatment is considered to be a type of drug so talk to your doctor first about which are safe to use during prego months.

To help keep your face acne-free, wash your face two to three times a day with an oil-free mild cleanser. Many natural skin care products avoid both oil and irritating soaps in their products as do some major cosmetic brands. However,don’t OVER cleanse your skin as that can strip your skin of the oil it produces, causing your pores to produce even more oil.

After cleansing, rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water so you can be sure to be rid of any type of soap residue that may be left and gently pat dry. Follow this up with an oil-free moisturizer. Also:

* Drink lots of water to help keep your skin and your body hydrated and moisturized
* Avoid touching your pimples cuz obviously it can cause the spread of bacteria leading to more pimples
* Avoid picking your pimples as this can lead to acne scars

I hope this helps!!!!! Chin up, that baby is going to be DARLING!!!!! =)

Fisilau Family of Three! said...

Ok. Jen my name is Priscilla Fisilau. I'm pretty new to the blog world, but I found you on someone's page, but i might of forgot!! Sorry I will try to remeber! I love makeup and you do such an amazing job explaining in perfect detail. I am one of those people who does a good job on others makeup, but am struggling with my own makeup! My eyes are very small so too much black or eyeliner would make my eyes seem even smaller. Then there is the short eye lashes, hence why when i go to special occasions I will use fake lashes, which I love! But I would love to have a regular look that I can try to perfect for myself! Then venture out with other colors! Do you have any advise on what would be best to try for smaller eyes??
Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials. Keep up the great work!!

Becky said...

Hi Jen.. I got the link to here off of my friend Janae's blog..

So, want to be my new best friend??? :-D LOL

I *love* make up and this is heaven for me! I've only watched the first two videos and can hardly wait to dig through your stuff. I've always wanted to try more extreme looks but I just didn't know how to get what I want. Your videos ROCK!

Do you have somewhere that says what brushes are your MUST HAVES?

And I just have to say that I love that you fill in your brows. I have to on mine.. they are long, thick and sparse (ugh).

Anyway, Hi! I'm sure you'll see more comments from me.

Jen said...

Welcome Becky!!!!! I love that you're here and lovin it =). YES, I DO have a post for the brushes that I use the most and feel are must haves but I think I have to make another since I got some new ones!!! I will post it on the side for ya =).

Jen said...

I just found your blog off Janae's too. I love it!!!! Im totally going to try that Britney Spears tutorial one tomorrow! Keep up the great work and I'll be following your blog now!

Oh and I have problems with my make up creasing off by the end of the day. Right now Im using ELF make up applied wet and it stays much of the day- but is MAC really good as far as staying put? Are the colors more intense? I feel I am constantly appling just to get the color I want. (but I keep on using the ELF ones because they are $1) Thanks Jen- you are awesome!

Glenda said...

I loved this tutorial! You have a great ability to make it all looks so yummy....I am usually a Sunday only make-up wearer, so maybe I'll get on board at wear it every day! I'll check back to see what's up. Fun blog!

Sarah said...

Okay, so I can't remember where I left my first comment, so I'm not sure what your response was. Anyway, your blog is really fun to watch. It makes me miss you! I was at Michaels yesterday and I noticed that you can buy feathers either loose or in prearranged layouts. There was a prearranged one that looked just liked the one on your headband! I hope that helps your headband delimia!

Jen said...

Jen, let's chat!!!!! =) I think in the budget conscious world we are in that is AWESOME that you are buying the elf shadows. I didn't even KNOW about them!!! Where can I find such a steal? Using water as your base or even with your makeup can be the problemo. It evaporates during the day and takes some of your makeups appeal with and can leave it cakey. I would STRONGLY suggest getting the Urban Decay Primer Potion!!!!!!! When I use it with my drug store shadows, it makes a HUGE difference and they stay on all day. MAC can do this without the base but I ALWAYS use base because it makes my colors more vibrant. I will be the first to admit that I have sometimes, okay I ALWAYS forget to wash my face at night and back in working days I would wake up and have to RUN out the door. As gross as it may be the bases I used kept my MAC on enough to touch up quickly and get to work!!! I am SO much better with my skin now but I can speak from experience that bases help and MAC doesn't hurt either =). I must ask again...WHERE DOES ONE PURCHASE ELF????? =) Target???

Jen said...

Hi Jen! So you can get ELF cosmetics at www.eyeslipsface.com. All their 'regular' stuff is a dollar. Their eye shadow comes with 4 shades for a dollar. Even their brushes. (and nail polish, lip gloss etc) They have a mineral line that is WAY cheap too- like $5 for foundation. (listen to me- I sound like an ad) So I use both their regular stuff and mineral eye shadow. I like it over the normal drugstore things. Plus I get free shipping by using the code ECTAPDY. (I think you have to order more than $10 worth of stuff) They have sales all the time. However- they do send you tons of magazine subscriptions. I get Baazar, Cosmo, Redbook- all those. (for free- but if you dont like them it gets annoying. My hubby hates the perfume sample smells!) And they take FOREVER to ship. LIke 2 weeks. But for me, its worth it because its so cheap. I guess beggars cant be chosers! But- if you are in SL- the Kmart on 90th and 13th also sells it. Though their selection is very very limited. Okay... so now that I sound like a paid advertiser...

Where do you get the UDPP? I need to get myself one of those! And Im going to try some MAC make up! Oh and Im going to email you too- I did the dark make up from your Britney Spears post. I love it! Thanks so much!

Jen said...

JEN!!!! This is me LoViNg you =). I can't WAIT to see the look. I am SO going to buy some Elf makeup now. If you have a video camera you can be a guest on the blog and do a tutorial for us. What do you think? I would love for you to tell everyone about their cheap brushes and shadows. You can get the UDPP at any Sephora or maybe Ulta. I haven't checked there yet but I'm sure it's there. Buy it, use it, LOVE it =). Be sure and send me a Halloween look for our contest!!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I found your blog thru Hayley's. I have to say I am totally in love with your blog. Your videos are amazing and you are so funny! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful tips with us!

Jen said...

Thank you and welcome Jennalee =).