Britney Spears' Slave Video Tutorial

Colors Used:
- Black
- Shimmery Teal
- Shimmery Blue
- White (brow bone)


The Banner Family said...

Loved the look! I have the liner in a pot from Mac as well and I bought the little slanted brush used to apply it. But it tends to get all clumpy and then I don't have a fine line the next time I use it. I usually wipe off clumps of the stuff after application but I feel like I'm wasting soo much of the product. Any advice?

Jen said...

I don't use the slant brush.....is that what doesn't give you the fine line? I'm wondering if you have to wash it every time. THAT would be annoying!!! I use a craft store brush that I really like check it out in my brush pictures and I mention it in a ton of posts. LOL can you tell I am too lazy to get up and get it right now to tell you what it is??? I am SUCH a brat but I don't feel so hot =). Love you Peph!!!!!