CCPC DAY 19- Rise and Shine

At first today was going to be what I did every morning. But recent world wide events have made me think differently. There are so many ways we can feel fear right now, anxiety and uncertainty. BUT there are so many ways we can see this time as an opportunity for growth (always happens during the hardest times) for togetherness with our families and a chance to assess our level of preparedness (I’m ashamed that one caught me a bit unawares). I’ve made a list of some of the things I am doing to rise and SHINE during this time. Save it if you like some of the ideas so you can find them easily. Some of these won’t apply to you but most can. I’d LOVE to hear how you are rising and shining right now.
One thing I want to be clear on, for myself especially. You don’t have to push down the sad or scared feelings and slap on a happy face. I’ve learned so much just in the last 6 months of how to address ALL emotions and to let them come. Everyone copes with trials differently and they need to be able to do that to get through. Everyone copes with grief and fear differently. What’s important to me is that I allow myself and my family the opportunity to feel all the things and keep moving forward.
These are some of the ways I move forward as someone with depression and anxiety. It’s CRAZY what just making my bed will do!!!
Swipe through to see some fun ideas for you and your family. Remember humor is my coping mechanism so some are silly. It helps me 🥰🥰🥰. I love you guys and hope you are well! Now, share with me what YOU are doing? How’s homeschooling going? Are you able to exercise? Is your family eating differently? 

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