Lady Elaine Fairchilde

Boomerang, toomerang, soomerang!!!!!! Who else remembers this iconic, albeit scary, icon from Mr. Rogers neighborhood? Lady Elaine Fairchilde frightened me a wee bit as a child but honestly, she also made me laugh. I loved how eccentric she was and how she liked to dress up. Being someone who dabbled and continues to dabble in dressing up, I kind of understand her. I can still hear the opening song and the whimsical music that would play during this show. I learned so many lessons from Mr. Rogers and loved how kind he was!!! Are you SO excited for the movie with tomhanks? I can’t wait!!!!! Also, tomorrow is world kindness day and you’re supposed to wear your favorite cardigan in honor of Mr. Fred Rogers!!!!!!! We need to DO this!!!!!!!!!!! Did you watch this show growing up? I remember him bringing the actress who played the Wickes Witch of the West in so we would know she was a kind lady in real life (I’m still not sure, that woman scarred me as a child). Did you have a favorite guest or character from the show?

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