Wednesday Addams

"I'm not perky." "I'll clean my room in exchange for your immortal soul."
" You severely underestimate my apathy." ...
"We don't hug." The Addams family motto.
"This is my costume. ...
"If I wanted to kill my husband, I'd do it. ... The new Addams Family movie, have you seen it? We haven’t yet but we want to! I’d love to hear your reviews. I’m going to throw this out there. This isn’t my tippy top best work. This was done through blurry eyes and with a tired brain 😂. But I still loved the idea so much!!! I planned on getting it done before my witches night party at my friend Libby's but didn’t finish 100%. So what did I do? I went ANYway and wore a witches hat with a veil 😂😂😂. I’ll share in stories. Well, we had such a lovely time we didn’t leave till late and when I got home I still had quite a bit to do. I finished at 2:45 am and groggily took a quick shower and climbed into bed. I’m too old for that 😂. I used to stay up ALL night long, have a few hours of sleep and wake up no problem. Now? Nooooot so much! Ps Christina Ricci will aaaaaalways be the Wednesday Addams in my book. She’s the one I grew up with and her one liners (above) were the best!!! Just using emojis tell me your fave Halloween movie!!! This will be fun! Here’s one of mine . Your turn 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Products used:
Wolfe Body Paint (black and cream)
MAC purple eyeshadow
Eyelashes Unlimited Cherry Lashes #116
Dress: Deseret Industries (thrifted)

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