Shrunken Head

It was a dark and stormy night...it probably wasn't but doesn't that sound good???  My parents had left my older twin brothers to babysit me and my younger brother while they headed out on a date.  We were told to go to bed and the older two could stay up and watch a movie.  My bedroom shared a wall with the living room and I heard every sound, every word, every straaaange word.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to know what they were watching.  The army crawl seemed appropriate.  I got out of bed and tried to make the armed forces proud as I made my way to the doorframe (can you just see my dramatic 8 year old self assuming someone would spot me in my own bedroom? 😂) As I rounded the corner I saw the most disturbing, colorful and mind twisting images (thank you Tim Burton).  Beetlejuice had just risen from the grave and I was officially traumatized.  I think it's hilarious now but the dinner party scene?  Horrifying to a child.  The claymation?  Twisted!!!  And this week we will share it with our oldest sons 😂.  The circle of life my friends.  I love that this year they have seen me transform into the weirdest characters and now they'll understand where they came from.  Like Harry the Hunter here who we meet as he forever sits in the afterlife waiting room.  I used and old scout shirt, towels to prop it up around my shoulders and dollar store ping pong balls cut in half.  My husband drilled timy holes in them so I could still see....somewhat 😂.  Ladies and the three gentlemen that follow me....welcome to BEETLEJUICE WEEK!!!!!!!!!💚❤💚❤💚

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