Night in the Life With Owlet

Many of you know, if you've been following me for a while, that we have been trying for a long time to get pregnant. We didn't have any problems with the boys and so we figured once we wanted another one...no big deal. How wrong we were! We tried for just over 5 years for another smoosh only to be disappointed each month. Then along the way we got pregnant...four times and lost the baby four times. I can't describe the heartache and confusion that ensued. 
I remember the day very clearly that I found out I was pregnant again. Kev and I laughed, a lot, and then reality kicked in. I cried and cried telling him that I just couldn't spiritually, emotionally or physically go through another loss and that I was scared. I made an appointment that DAY to go in and see a doctor and try to better our odds of keeping this baby. They were very kind to send me home with tons of information and some meds.
I think it was at month 4 that I looked at my husband and said, "I think I might be pregnant." It was sinking in that this might actually happen...we were going to have a baby!!!
Excitement heightened when we learned that our little rainbow baby was going to be a girl, a GIRL!!!! I was going to have a daughter, the boys would have a sister...these were such foreign words in our house full of boys. I cried and cried and had many conversations with my belly lol. When it was time for Sophie to finally come into this world we were still a little nervous that something would go wrong and we would somehow lose her. I think my mind got very jaded during all the years of hoping and of loss. There were a few hiccups but she was strong and healthy! I'll be sharing her birth story later =). I opted for her to stay in our room the whole hospital stay and to have her sleep in our room when we got home. I didn't do either of those things with the boys but I was strangely protective over this miracle from Heaven. Rewind to an event I was invited to put on by Ergo Baby about a month before giving birth. It was a beautiful breakfast filled with vendors and an amazing panel with doctors and specialists. I met the team from Owlet Baby Care and learned about their product to help keep baby safe.
They showed me how this little sock, when placed on the baby, can monitor her heart rate and her oxygen levels...what the WHAT??? Anytime your baby's oxygen or heart rate drops, an alarm is designed to sound and you can run to their aid. This was an answer to a prayer. Owlet was kind enough to send me their product to review and BOY do I have words for all of you with babies.....this product is worth every single penny!!!! We spent one week with Sophie not having the sock and were able to see, feel and taste the difference. I would jump at any noise before, and not sleep at all wondering if she was breathing. When we placed it on her for the first night I slept...I actually slept WELL knowing I would be notified if anything was wrong. It was like being back in the hospital where nurses would monitor and check on her every so often while I slept. It was the most peace I had felt in a long time. 
 Here is sweet Sophie wearing her sock. It's soft and comfy and she doesn't mind it at all. It comes with a right and left sock to alternate in the newborn size and then a larger sock for when she is a bit older. Look at her....I can't stop staring I love her so much and I feel so safe and secure knowing her Owlet sock is on her when she sleeps.

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