Magic Kingdom Meet Up and Cents Of Style

Left to right Jen from Elevate Everyday, Jocelyn from HaggleKat, Abbey from the Butter Half, me, Jenna from Hello Fab, Megan from E. Interiors Design
This last weekend was an absolute dream. About a month ago I joined the fabulous world known as Periscope and have been so astonished at the community I have found on there. Women building each other up, sharing thoughts on everything from food photography to hair tutorials to advice on children and motherhood. One of these amazing gals, Jenna from the Hello Fab Blog (to my left, or your right) invited a few of us bloggers to do a Magic Kingdom Meet Up at Disneyland. We would meet followers and give away fabulous prizes. I was SO excited...I mean, my favorite place, with amazing girls and my sweet mom would even be flying down to be with me. The time came to choose my sponsor and there was one shop that stood out in my mind. 
I have known Courtney Brown (neon top/white skirt), the CEO of Cents Of Style, now for a year having done her makeup multiple times and have grown to admire her and I consider her a wonderful friend. Her mission with her company is to empower women to lead bold and full lives. To feel that they are capable of anything and should be able to do it while looking great! The feelings I have gotten from these amazing women on Periscope and the goal of Cents Of Style...it was a perfect fit! 
Their tribe bracelets have my heart...and my wrist. I love that there are SO many sayings that you can combine countless thoughts and motivators for yourself each day. I've had times where I want to really work on being a better mom so I wear the combo "Be the Good" to remind myself to be patient and kind, and "Be Here Now" so that I can remember to not be looking at any type of screen when my time with them is so precious. I love the "Get It Girl", "Be Brave" & "Be Bold" for when I am walking into a situation I want to ROCK! They are great to mix and match and come in rose gold, silver and gold. LOVE them and I knew one lucky winner would love them too. Because it was a giveaway at Disneyland I chose "Believe" and "Be The Good" for our winner. How perfect??? Not only that, but they received a $50 gift card to get whatever else their little heart desired! I have soooo many shirts from their site, skirts, bows, jewelry. I really am obsessed!
Now how about some rides??? Being 6 1/2 months preggo I stuck with a lot of the kiddie rides and I wasn't sad about it at all! Here we are, Jen Squared at Disneyland...because her name is Jen too...oh you got that already? You guys are so smart! ; D
Love these blogger babes! Sweet Jacque from Looks For Lovelies came up to visit us from San Diego and Jen's partner in crime Summer came to tag along too! It was so great seeing them again and having them meet my cute mom.
Here's one of our lucky winners with her darling brother. Congrats Heather!!! You seriously need to check out this babe's story on IG (find it here). She's kind of my hero right now!
Another Scope Sister, Abbey from the Butter Half blog. Her food, photography and puns are just too much! Love her!!!
Thank you Hello Fab for pulling this together and for Cents Of Style for being a sponsor for this wonderful event!

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