Home Tour Kitchen, Mud & Laundry Room

Now I know you guys asked me FOREVER ago to do this so I apologize but here is the first part =). I would always try to shoot a room or two but then it would e time to get the kids, time to eat, errands to run etc. I'm so glad I got up, got ready, cleaned this area and had time to get it on film. My house really isn't anything that amazing or ornate but we sure do love the memories we make here so it makes it amazing for us. Nothing will be as important in life as what you do and teach within the walls of your own home. Make it one that is simple, elegant, big, small, whatever, but full of love =). Welcome to our home!


Unknown said...

Hi Jen!
I loved loved loved your video and all the awesome d├ęcor ideas you have!!!
I was wondering how you make your party invitations and if you use any special program?
I've been trying to learn how to make cutesy printables and handouts for parties and my lessons at church... but I cant find a program that I really love. If you have any tips and tricks to pass along I would be so so grateful!!!
Also thank you for all your awesome tutorials... you have been such an inspiration to me, I'm doing my very first makeup "job" this next weekend and I am sooooo nervous:)
Well thank you again,

Jen said...

Thank you Moki! I have nooooothing to do with the computer side of things. It's all my husband =). He uses Illustrator and Photoshop. He says he doesn't use one more than the other. I kind of just look on Pinterest to see what kind of feel I like, what fonts will work for the theme and the colors I want him to incorporate. I bet you did GREAT this weekend!!! Drop me a line and let me know =D!