No Foundation Flawless Face

So who doesn't want a flawless face? Who doesn't want to walk around with glowing skin all the time without a care in the world? For those of you that have had acne, scaring, hyper pigmentation, rosacea etc you know that it's not that easy to walk around with full confidence all the time. Quite the opposite, you want to sometimes crawl in a hole and stay there till you clear up. I have been brought to tears hearing my friends talk about the changes they are seeing in their skin and their faces and how it makes them feel as if they are losing the person they used to be. We damage our skin in so many ways so when it starts showing we wish we could rewind time. What would you say to yourself? I would tell myself to spray tan, to use sunscreen, to moisturize daily, to exfoliate and use lemons to kill bacteria on my face. I would tell myself to STOP plucking!!!! LOL Oh the pictures I have from my youth where I can't even see that I HAVE brows! Bad Jen BAD Jen! Well, here I am going to show you how to only use powder to create your flawless face. If you have severe redness I still recommend using a green correcting tool before applying powder.
Look at her. She says,"Look at me, I am happy, I am carefree, I have great skin!" Blah blah blah...yes I'm envious LOL!!!

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Joy said...

We should form a support group! My hubby does the same thing to me. When we were first married I used to pick like crazy...he has helped me. Love him for it.