Ipsy For February

*disclaimer* another silly move on my part. The first "lip gloss" I open up is actually a cream shadow. Yeah. The laughs keeps coming ; ).
Love is/was in the air this past month thanks to the wonderful holiday that is Valentine's Day =). I was in Cali during that time though so I missed out on being with my hubby and two sweet boys but had SUCH a wonderful time with my brother and his family! My hubby made sure I had my Lindt Truffles delivered to me by my brother.....awwwwwww....and they were SO good!!! While I was gone my Ipsy bag came and I was eager to open it when I got home =). I have to put a small disclaimer on this video that I "let go" something I would typically edit out. I left it in because I am human and though you might think it was funny ; ).


Anjie Behunin said...

LOVE YOU! Words fail me all the time....I think I'm getting old. Were you looking for the word "subtle"?

Love the IPSY bag...thinking I will ask for a subscription for Mother's Day.

Jen said...

SUBTLE!!!!!! Yes!!!! That is the PeRfEcT word LOL!!!!! What a good gift idea to ask for =D. It really has been so much fun to get in the mail every month! =)

Unknown said...

The ending made me giggle so much!! I loved it. A moment I experience too often. :)

You're post about no poo gave me courage to try it. I'm proud to say I've been no-poo since January and LOVE IT! My natural colors are better, the texture is thicker, and my hair is stronger.

I'm so glad your Simple U shampoo is working!

Aftankl said...

Lol again awesome!