Walkin In A Winter Berry Land

 There is nothing like a "berry" red lip for the cold winter blues. I myself love wearing all shades of red but do tend to gravitate toward bright with just a hint of darkening around the corners. I'm wearing just that today! MAC Russian Red with a hint of MACs Dark Side (any dark hue will do). Long before the whole ombre craze there was just plain contouring around the mouth and this lip embodies that. I used a red lip pencil that I bought in Russia EONS ago, to line and fill in my lips. Then used my MAC 219 brush (obSESSing over that bad boy as a lip brush right now) to brush on some Russian Red. I then took a maroon lip pencil that I grabbed from a shimmering glass bowl in Forever 21 years back to add some definition to the outer corners of said lips. Last but not least I used my trusty 219 once again, to LiGhTlY add some Dark Side to the outer corners. *WARNING* Dark Side is sooooo pigmented and a dab will really do it (insert promises here on that!). Viola! Your perfect winter lip =). Now keep in mind that you can do this same technique but add YOUR perfect colors in there. Are you more of a blood red gal? Do you gravitate toward a more orangey red? The sky is the limit!!! Send in your pretty pout to dollcosmetics@gmail.com and show me how YOU get through the winter blues =).

Red smudge ;), MAC 219, Dark Side, Russian Red, Forever 21 lip pencil in Berry
*extra tip* looooooooove that gorgeous lip and want to take your face to the next level? Pair it with bold brows and you will be the talk of Tinsel Town muuuuaaaahhhh!!!


Ash. said...

love love love your eyes! half the reason I follow you is because you have brown eyes like me! and I find that its easier for me to re-create a look from someone who has the same eye color. weird? probably. do you have an existing video for your eye makeup and if you don't, would you?(:


Unknown said...

I really, really love your lips.. Looks so pretty.. Hmm, would also like to see you in orangey red... xoxo ♥mybeautycity.com♥

Jen said...

Crash, you are so like me! I love watching other videos where I have something huge in common with the artist. Like eye or hair color, skin type etc. It always helps right? =D I don't have a tutorial but in the next Ipsy video I say the colors I used =). Thank you so much Jenny! I do have such a color and will for sure do a post on it!!! =D