Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Mother's Day. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in the form of an aunt, neighbor, grandmother, sister, and friend. No matter your role here on Earth, we as women are nurturers, healers, friends, and companions. I want to give a special virtual hug and kiss to my sweet mother. This gal is pretty special to me and it is rare for us to go without talking long. Earlier in life I was her little girl, her only little girl with three other boys. She dressed me up in dresses (I rarely went a day without wearing one) only to dig in the dirt, play guns or trucks with my brothers. Later in teenage years we didn't see eye to eye and, sadly, I was the reason for most of it. I am sad that I made choices that made her sad and sometimes hurt. It was only when we split ways and I moved out that I truly understood all of the wonderful things she did for me. Isn't that sad that it took that long? She was in Sacramento while I was in Huntington Beach living very different lives. I called her with news about jobs, friends and life in general. I had a HUGE impression to move back home one year and I thought in my head,"She will NEVER accept me back. She will remember too freshly everything that I have put her through, no way!" She responded with tears that she had been feeling the same way and I will never forget feeling vErY grateful for such a forgiving and in tune mom. She welcomed me back with open and loving arms. A short year after that and I was packing to go live and serve in Siberia and we joyfully went shopping together getting me all ready. Tears were shed the whole week before me leaving and the airport was even worse. Leaving my mom was a very hard thing to do. We were allowed to speak to each other only a few times in the year and a half that I was gone and we made each second count. I came home for a short while before I was engaged to my prince and we were OFF and planning a wedding together. Kevin was out of state so my lovely Marmy was my date to look at linens, rental businesses, cake tasting (our favorite part!) and reception venues. My mother has grown into my very best friend. Someone that knows my faults and loves me anyway. Someone that has seen me at my worst and still saw potential (even if I didn't). Someone that seems to know all the ingredients I need for every meal at the drop of a hat, the cure for every heart ache and sickness, the one that sends cards to all of her kids for every little occasion. The one who knew I needed her last year and came a total of THREE times in a manner of months to come and be with me. She is my partner in crime (when a hubby can't fill in the gaps), my "go-to" gal for almost everything and the only mother I could and will ever want. I love you sweet Marmy and I always will. Here's to many more years of giggles, hugs, long talks and special occasions. 
Forever, your Jen

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