Smokey Brown (Mountains for Earth Day)

Happy Earth week ladies! Today is a smokey brown tutorial inspired by the mountains. I have such a beautiful view of the Rockies out our back window and love love LOVE to look at them. It makes me think of all those vacations, camping, snowboarding or skiing looking out at the mountains. I feel super grateful to be able to see them everyday now =). Love this look too!

Don't you love my model poses? LOL My hubby loved the look and wanted a new picture of me. He was so funny and wanted me to take a pic in the car. He turned on my fav music (blasted it is more like it) and turned on the air full blast (man is it hard to keep your eyes open with it blowing) and was like,"Honey, it's like a real photo shoot!" LOL!!! Here was the winner chosen to come up on his phone when I call


Unknown said...

Love it! Gorgeous pics and great shadow look!

Blue Dog Belle said...

SO pretty!

Monica said...

Hey beautiful friend! You look amazing! I so wish I could pull off the part closer to the middle like you can. I love it!

Miss you!